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Green girls - 1

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).


Profound silence pervaded the house of Mirzan at Chartres and nothing betrayed the discovery of the sad adventure which had happened within its walls. No sound of voices revealed the explosion of anger which emanated from Mr. Francis Mirzan when, called by his wife, he surprised his two children, Paul and Adelina, in the very act of libertinism.

Then came a severe flogging on the backs of the two criminals who were afterward shut up in their respective rooms, a torrent of words among which some epithets like scamp, culprits, wicked children destined to dishonor their parents and so forth; then the calm, the mothers tears, the fathers reflections, the decision to send them as boarders, one to a college and the other to a convent.

Mr. Francis Mirzan, a magistrate of the old school, was austerity itself and Mrs. Isabella Mirzan was of the most devout principles.

Paul Mirzan was thirteen years of age and received the personal correction with rage and fury; Adelina, a girl of fourteen, the more guilty of the two in the affair, received it with icy and haughty impassibility.

The children had been brought up at home. A clergyman gave them their lessons, and as no previous signs had announced the depraved instincts of the children, the incident came like lightning from a blue sky. Yet there were links connecting the event with the past.

Ever since her first communion celebrated when she was twelve years of age, Adelina was of a precocious and vivacious nature, and showed signs of a sudden inquisitiveness which inflamed her blood. She was tall for her age, slender, with fine limbs, a pretty, fair-complexioned girl with innocent eyes which hid from ordinary observers her true lustful thoughts.

The priest charged with the instruction and education of the two children, was a middle-aged man possessing every qualification necessary to accomplish the task confided to his care. He was, however, ugly stunted and almost deformed and was pitted with small pox. He had led a rather laborious life and his gratitude and strict moral principles guaranteed his reliability to the Mirzans. How did it happen that this little man, this saint-conjectured, at once understood the sensual agitation of the little Adelina and felt the effect of it himself?

With regard to the management of the children, he enjoyed the most complete freedom and confidence and commenced his last secret task thereby detaining the girl now and then after school under the pretext of explaining the more difficult parts of her lesson. In the solitude of the schoolroom, when their chairs were drawn close together, the priest’s legs swinging to and fro, would meet Adelina’s legs which was never withdrawn on such occasions.
These were the preliminaries of love.

The child accustomed to the priests ugliness, felt that the hour would come when the Abbot Dussal would reveal what she burned to know and she encouraged him in every way, and only the fear of the scandal in case he did not succeed or was surprised, checked her ardor.

When Adelina entered on her fourteenth year, her figure was rather lean but very promising. And as a bitch in heat, her whole body showed her strong desires of the flesh. Adelina studied hard in order to give her teacher an opportunity of protracting the school hour, and her family were amazed at the progress and desire for learning.

No suspicion troubled their minds, and the priest was therefore free to make his attack when so inclined. Thus one day when Adelina was bending over her book, he drew the hand he held in his to his lips and sucked her little finger with so much assiduity that she shut her eyes and threw herself backwards.

He startled, let go her hand and turning to interrogate her, saw her moving her fingers convulsively on her dress between her thighs. Again their hands met and Adelina, opening her eyes, smiled, while she intertwined his fingers with hers and squeezed them between her thighs, so that her skirt, the short skirt of a child, was lifted above her knees. He hesitated a moment, and for the last time casting a sly glance behind him, then throwing back her skirt, he slipped his hand between her drawers and directed it towards her quim.

How quickly she spread her thighs, between which appeared but a few silky curls, how easy she made it for him and how she enjoyed this touch of a man on her sexual parts. She encouraged in a most delicious manner his investigations of the little thing that tickled so delightfully and thrilled her childish body through and through.

This lasted but a minute though it seemed to be a century of bliss to both the lovers, and beneath his cassock, the priest involuntarily shot out a dose of sperm from his throbbing cock. They then resumed their seats and the lessons, without saying a word of what happened, but the ice was broken and henceforth they had only to extend and perfect the system of voluptuousness of which they had enjoyed the first taste.

Neither one nor the other had slept that night and Adelina had to stay in bed all the next day, too exhausted with fatigue to get up; as for the priest, he walked upon thorns. Supposing anybody happened to suspect the cause of this indisposition, what then?

He now fixed all his attentions upon the boy who was less fond of learning tan his sister, but as he was again alone with the sister on the second day, they exchanged the same loving glances which showed them that their thoughts and feelings led them each in the same direction and only required mutual encouragements to bring them to a happy termination.

He first made her stand upright before the table as if to recite a lesson, and then he slowly slipped his hand under her petticoats and arrived from behind her buttocks, two pretty twins glowing with an uncommon life. He manipulated them tenderly, then ventured to slide his fingers between her thighs which gently opened as he ascended in front towards her bulging belly, and frigged her cunt. He admired the presence of mind of the child, as she bent over the table and fixed her eyes on the open copybook, not to read, but to facilitate is hand play.

Then she leaned on her elbows, rounding the lower part of her loins; he tucked-up her petticoats, opened her drawers, and not denying himself a careful inspection, contemplated with enraptured eyes, the whiteness of her bottom.

They both drew a deep sigh and hastily resumed their seats, for they seemed to hear the noise of footsteps. After the noise had subsided, they studied for another minute, then the priest drew Adelina to his breast and sucked her lips for the first time.

The girl wanted very much to continue the sport, so she returned the caress skillfully, stooped a little forward, when the priest unbuttoned his cassock and gently fingered the hairy monster he presented to her.

At the contact of her little hand and its soft pressure, his cock swelled up and poured out its liquid, and Adelina spent at the same time. Their excitement was so great that their arms discharged at the first contact, and all traces of their final rapture brought about too quickly were as well as possible removed. The child dared not to ask a single question or make any remark as to the strange thing that had happened.

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