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Green girls - 9

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).

From the Same to the Same

The last thing of which I told, Paul, was the rapture that took possession of my whole body, when I lay in ecstasy behind Fanny’s bum.

By and by we composed ourselves, a curtain was drawn aside, a charming dressing room appeared and we entered to clean ourselves.

Miss Fanny embraced us all and retired. Just as I thought the séance must be over, Miss Blanche asked me to accompany her to her room. Nanette led away Marie.

When we arrived at her room, Blanche gave me permission to call her by her Christian name except when in school. She made me strip stark naked and she did the same. We turned into bed and she took me into her arms, clasping my buttocks with both hands. I took hold of hers in the same way. She offered me her lips, which I hastened to kiss and suck. Her most charming bubbies were pressed to my bosom; her belly was glued to mine, it was an endless ecstasy, in which we lay without stirring, pressed against one another as if to mix our flesh together; inhaling one another’s breathing in an uninterrupted series of kissing, sucking and tonguings.

Our hands only left our buttocks to wander over each other’s bodies or to permit our arms to hug one another closer.

To obtain such and end of the punishment I was ready to commit the same fault every night.

Blanche guessed as much and said:

«My dear Adeline, in spite of all our present happiness, you must not sin again. To be worthy of the luscious delight I give you and which you will obtain in this school according to the progress you make-it is necessary to take care of your health and not to compromise your companions. By exposing yourself to illness, you expose yourself and your mistresses to a misfortune which you afterwards will regret. We might have treated you severely, but we have not done so in order to prove that your sensual desires will be gratified when the hour is come, but on one condition that you do not violate the wise rules which maintain peace and friendship between pupils. If we did not prohibit nightly encounters, not one of the boarders would sleep. Now you know our indulgences with regard to pleasure, don’t abuse it. Can we reckon on your obedience?»

«Oh, yes, my dear mistress.»

«We know that you have excellent health and we shall help you retain your strength by a hygiene prescribed by one of our physicians. Convinced of our zeal and our good intentions, we shall not grudge you the occasion of pleasure. Beware of adventures with capricious schoolfellows. I confide it to you here. A mere trifle will inform us of the fault and it will be stopped at once. Next time we shall be merciless.» We never ceased kissing one another while we frigged our cunts and Blanche soon fell into a passion. Jumping out of bed she opened a drawer.

«Look,» she said. «Put this round your waist and I’ll teach you how to be my little lover.»

«Oh,» I said, «I know how that is done. It is put into the bum hole.» «You have had it in there,» she said and burst out laughing.

«Yes,» replied I.

«Poor little thing, how you must have suffered.»

«No, it was very nice.»

«Really, we will try that another day. At present it is not the bum hole you’ll have to put it between the thighs.»

«Will it enter three?»

«Come quick upon me, my darling? Move at the same time. This toy is called a dildoe and it serves as a substitute for a man. You have poured such a fire into my veins that I must have a good fuck at once.»

Such things are not hard to learn! Blanche had put the tip of her instrument in her cunt. She wriggled in the maddest manner and I imitated her as best I could. The rather big instrument disappeared into her body. We were locked in each other’s arms, we shivered in turns she devoured me with kisses, which I returned with passion. A penetrating fire burned my spinal cord and we discharged at the same time and our spendings mixed together in our hair.

«You promise to be very good,» she said, when we were dressing.

«I swear it.»

«I trust your word and now you shall not repent of it.»

Afterwards we returned to our class. Everything went as if nothing had happened. During the recreation I was astonished not to see my great friend, Angele. I sorry to hear that my fault in part recoiled upon her and that she would be punished the next day. She was shut up alone and had to work all the day. This was the way they exerted influence on our morale and hearts in order to stop errors.

The following day would be that of the tribunal and I should be introduced into the last particulars of the life at school. The Tribune sat at 8 o’clock P.M.

My mistress, Miss Blanche, took me to a small parlor where I was introduced to the Chaplain, Rev. Mr. Jacquart, to Messers, Camille Gaudin, Jules Canes and Bernard de Charvey, physician to the school. They were all men between thirty-five and forty-five years old, belonging to the high Administrial Council of the school.

I was very bashful and bowed awkwardly but they were all so kind that I took courage again. Miss Juliette and Fanny Geraud, the two other farm mistresses and a pupil from the Superior Class, Bertha Litton, soon after joining us. We went into the room of correction arranged in quite another way than the day before.

At the upper end of the hall, five armchairs served as a box. The chaplain was sitting in the middle, he had on his right hand Miss Juliette and on the left Miss Fanny, Mr. Gaudin was sitting beside the former Mr. Bernard Charvey beside the latter.

The three farm mistresses sat down on the chairs to the left. Bertha Little, Mr. Jules Callas and I to the right, on the opposite to the five chairs, were rows of chairs for the pupils who, however were not at the beginning of the chastisement.

Those who had deserved the flagellation without their friends being present were first punished. The lower classes opened the séance with a pretty brunette, who was brought in stark naked, by one of the two superintendents, Miss Elise Robert, a tall splendid girl of nineteen. The other Miss Georgette Pastak, a pretty little blonde of eighteen, was a great contrast to the former.
The little Lisa was all scarlet, very unhappy and perplexed. She approached sniveling, and was fastened to a scat in the middle of hall, her back turned to the Council.

Bertha rose, took a slip of paper farm the table and read: «Miss Lisa Carrin has given one of her companions a box on the ear, has answered again when the mistress scolded her, has refused to copy the ten pages given her as punishment. She has suffered deprivation of recreation and has been condemned to receive five slaps on her bottom before the Council. Miss Adeline Mirzan is charged with the execution.»

Dear me! After having suffered flagellation myself, I had to apply it and that in the presence of all these people. A terrible fright riveted me to the spot. My legs trembled.

A profound silence pervaded the assembly. The white skin of the little culprit dazzled my eyes. Miss Juliette addressed me: «Well, Adeline. Make a decision. Don’t prolong the anxiety of the child by your cruel and useless hesitation. Strike her and strike hard; she has well deserved it.»

All eyes rested upon me. I could not put it off any longer. I rose and approached the terrible stake. Poor little Lisa. She trembled with fear and said in a low voice:

«Don’t strike too hard, pray; I am so afraid of the blows.» It cut me to the heart. Miss Juliette continued:

«Go on, Adeline, you set to work with deplorable slowness. We shall never finish if you do not make haste. This is nothing compared with others.»

I closed my eyes and one, two’, five smacks resounded on her little arse. Lisa set up a cry. I had not spared her as I had intended. Her little bottom was all crimson. She was released and brought away. «Remain where you are,» commanded Miss Juliette. «There are two other culprits who must be executed the same way.»

Alas, the next was no other than Angele, who appeared in all her clothes looking very sad. Her arms and legs were tied and the upper part of her body was supported by the back of the chair. Bertha read:

«Miss Angele de Mairmant is condemned to twelve slaps on her buttocks for the nightly lubricity of her young friend, Adeline, who was surprised in flagrant delight with Marie Rougemont. One day’s privations of all pleasures far not having taught Adeline the nature of the moral ties which bind them together.» Her petticoats were tucked up and pinned to her shoulders. How pretty her arse appeared: divine, enchanting, bewitching. Oh, how much should have preferred to kiss it. But l had to obey. Miss Juliette said:

«Strike, Adelina, and proceed a little quicker than you did before.»

I gave her two slaps with evident irresolution. The chaplain protested.

«It is no longer a chastisement when you strike so leniently. Don’t spare your friend or you’ll expose her to being flogged with the rod.» Angele did not say a word. I set to work and struck harder and harder. It seemed to me that she shivered, her buttocks trembled and she agitated her thighs. ’To my great astonishment, she discharged suddenly at the eleventh slap. How! This commotion to turn to a felicity for her. I could scarcely believe my eyes and by an effort of sympathy, I: thrilled with pleasure. I struck the ’twelfth cuff with surprising violence. Angela was released. She kissed me and went away.

The third culprit was another of the senior pupils, Miss Eva Phillips, condemned to flagellation with the rod for it discussion with her mistress. She was placed like Angela and they handed me the scourge with five lashes. Eva was beautifully made and her skin was of dazzling whiteness. With her extremely coquettish and slender form, her blue eyes of angelic purity she represented the beau ideal of all blondes. Her arse was of a fine shape, less full than those of the mistresses of which I had a glimpse the day before, but nevertheless quite perfect, and again I could not make up my mind to tarnish such a charming body.

I heard the command, my arm rose and sank, the lashes fell blow upon blow, scourging her two buttocks, penetrating to the midst of her thighs and exciting long cries horn the malefactor, who, wriggling from one side to the other, sued for pardon. No, no mercy,» cried Miss Juliette. «Strike harder. At Eva’s age it is not permitted to commit the fault of quarreling with one’s mistress who only strives to be kind to her pupils. The nearer the day for leaving school approaches, the more she ought to show herself grateful and deferential for the kindness she has met with here.»

«I promise never to do it again, ma’am. I ask your pardon, Lucienne.»

«Strike, Adeline, till the blood flows.»

I struck with all my might; my eyes grew misty. The flesh of this charming arse moved up and down. It thrilled me through. My flesh became flushed and in spite of myself, my free hand contracted on my dress between my thighs; in proportion as I struck, I frigged myself. Nobody seemed to notice it. My temper got the better of me. Eve cried:

«Oh, enough, no more, I beseech you to stop.»

Her blood was flowing. The punishment was done. My scarlet face grew pale. Eve’s wounded arse was cleaned and dressed; she was released and had to kiss me as proof that she would forget the pain. She then went out and I was called before the Council.

Then Juliette tucked up her clothes and attested my emotion. I was handed from one to another of all these gentlemen who caressed my thighs and buttocks, patted my cheeks and promised me a thousand pleasures, if I would be very docile and discreet. I was very happy. They might have asked me whatever they like. I should have refused nothing. But the séance was not yet over. Every one returned to their places and all the classes entered.

But this is enough for today, my dear; tomorrow for the other details.


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