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Green girls - 21

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).

From the Same to the Same

My dear, Paul, We have celebrated the Red Services and I am actually a member of the confraternity of Red Girls.

The confraternity consecrates and maintains the sensual customs of the house. The pupils who are considered the most reliable are admitted and it is a kind of freemasonry including former and present pupils and some of their husbands and the mistresses.

Religion and profanity are combined to interlard the institution. The neophyte who is admitted is looked upon as a girl going, to take the veil.

They taught me all kinds of signs by which the Red Brothers and Sisters know each other, as well as purpose to one another some pleasure.

The assembly sat down in rows, the Misses Geraud in the front rank. A special seat was reserved for me.

The, Chaplain appeared in his priestly ornaments, but otherwise stark naked. He was accompanied by two pupils.

The organ set in a symphonic march. The Chaplain knelt before Noemie, a beautiful brunette of twenty-six, who was seated an a kind of throne, and who was stark naked. He murmured some words to her in Latin. The march ceased, and the Chaplain kissed Noemie’s thighs, rose tucked up his chasuble and presenting his prick to the levites who kissed it, he said:

«Kiss my girl, the source of life and kiss the creative power. In the congregation the neighbors kissed each other’s lips.»

The Chaplain took one of Noemie’s breasts in his hand and sang the following lines, starting with

God bless thy breast,
God bless thy cunt.

When he had finished the hymn, there was a minute’s silence after which the Chaplain advanced three steps and cried. Oh, woman, far the expiration of my sins I throw myself at thy feet and naked as an earthworm, I beseech thee to flog me, that I may obtain mercy and pardon.

He placed himself on all four of the steps of the chancel. Nanette and Eve took me by the hand and placed me before his posteriors. I knelt down and gave him three sound cuts after which I kissed his buttocks crosswise, the last kiss on the orifice. The organ played a soft voluptuous march. All the women present advanced one after the other to lash him and afterwards kissed him as I had done.

Noemie rose, and stripping off the slipper from her foot let it wander over the furrow of his arse while she said: In the name of my sisters I declare thy sins remitted and forgive thee. Let love enter thy soul and incite thy voluptuousness. She glided along his whole body from the posteriors to his head; striking up the following hymn:

Hail Priapus
Hail Coitian! Man and woman
Live and love;
Live and spend!

When this was over, four gentlemen appeared with a silken canopy and they approached my seat and shut me up in it with my godmothers Eve and Nannette, who divested me of my garments. We were now separated from the rest of the congregation. The curtain was drawn and I was conducted to a door:

«In the name of the congregation we grant thee admittance to the steps of the Temple!» said the Chaplain. «To thy lips we render these caresses and consecrate desire to live for our pleasure.»

The curtains of the canopy were drawn after an iron, bedstead fitted with mattresses covered by a red velvet drapery was brought in on which they made me lie down. I was alone. Presently I heard footsteps. A stark naked man entered the canopy. I recognized Dr. Bernard de Charvey.

He lay down beside me, hugged me in his arms and kissed and tongued my lips; of course I, returned his caresses. The doctor whispered:

«The anointed bumfucks Noemie and in the Temple beyond every man bumfucks; a girl. Your door is open. May I beg my respects to the other and force the entrance?»

He hugged me in his arms. He spoke with his lips close to mine. His belly burnt my belly. The bigness of his prick did not frighten me.

«Yes, replied I, force the entrance. Deflower me! Let me know all the sensual raptures.»

Oh, my darling! What sufferings and yet what bliss.

The contest was long and painful but interrupted by convulsions carrying off the pain. I jumped in frantic ecstasy. The doctor had begun his attack. I opened my thighs as wide as possible; his tool seemed to tear them as with pincers. He kept me close in his arms; he wanted to break into me and at last he succeeded.

Yes, dear Paul, I am deflowered. At this moment I know all about love. I never thought I could take in such a big lump of flesh between my thighs. Yet the doctor’s prick disappeared entirely within me. However, I must confess that he had put plenty of cold cream on it. Add to that my skillfully maintained excitement which had predisposed me for otherwise violent pain.

In the most perfect ecstasy, twisted together so that our bodies were but one, we awaited the moment when it would be calm outside.

The doctor kissed me all over and then clapped his hands.

Nanette and Eve appeared and conducted me back and I was placed on a chair opposite to the throne.

I was just asking myself whether I had to remain stark naked when Pauline came from the sacristy with different garments, a red tulle jacket over my head, petticoats, skirt, bodice, stockings and shoes, a complete red attire. The canoness rose and extended her hand.

«Red Girl,» said she. «From this moment and till your dying day you belong to the members of the confraternity and to the rules with which you are acquainted. Do you consent?»

Then we kissed each other, and a general handplay began, interrupted by their caresses, suckings, licking, downfalls, fucking and spending.

But what a state you must be in, dear Paul, on reading all this! Your blood must be on fire. The holidays approach. Shall we meet? And if we meet, shall I find an opportunity of initiating you into my science of inculcating it in you by luscious filthiness? Wish for it! I am ready for anything and shall afterwards introduce you to all my friends of the congregation.

Goodbye, darling, million of suckings and tongueings. And yes, I shall let you fuck me, dear Paul. We first learnt the rudiments of love together and now you shall learn the essence of love by using your prick to draw it forth.




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