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Green girls - 14

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).

From Adeline to Paul

Oh, what a pain! I never imagined it would hurt like that.

The Chaplain was not present at the execution, Mr. Gaudin, Isabelle’s protector had, though he was very pale, the courage to stay to the last. Considering the gravity of our fault, the series of chastisements began with Isabelle and me.

We arrived before the Council and the united classes with our nightgowns tucked up behind and fastened to our shoulders with pins so as to exhibit our posteriors and legs in all their plumpness; our disheveled hair hung down in front on each side of the face.

They had exempted us from carrying the chamber pot, but we had several slips of paper in the hand. Thus we arrived in the middle of the hall. Miss Nanette ordered us to imitate the action of wiping one another, which excited our companion’s hilarity and our confusion. Taking the paper with which I had wiped Isabelle’s posteriors. Nanette passed it aver my face, saying: Kiss, what you like, Miss Dirty, there’s no accounting for taste. So much the worse for you if you have a mind far what is coarse and nasty.

I burst into tears, humiliated and greatly moved while she went through the same scene with Isabelle.

My friend was in possession of the most perfect coolness. She kissed the paper without reserve, and pointing at the pupils of the lower class, said: One must amuse the children. There were two trapezes over our heads. We were attached to them by our arms but so as to be able to seize the bar with the hands.

I soon learned why. For the flagellation of my bottom fell to the lot of Miss Nanette and that of Isabelle to Miss Robert. The two rods were raised at the same instant, whistled in the air, and fell heavily on our buttocks. I screamed aloud, thrust myself forward and set the trapeze a-going; I seized instinctively the bar and ran with it.

Another blow made me rise, that is to say, made me withdraw my legs and follow the swinging movements of the trapeze.

When I returned I received a third blow and by this time I represented so ridiculous a spectacle that the little ones writhed with laughter while the elder girls and the pupils of the middle class cried out: Mercy on Adeline.

When the little ones began to laugh, Miss Juliette rose and mercilessly picked out four of them. They were brought out of the rank in order to be whipped for their scandalous hilarity.

I was not quite aware of what was going on. Dragged along by the trapeze, I contracted my legs in the hope of avoiding the cuts, and whenever I turned the rod fell on my buttocks and the thick part of my thighs, compelling me to set up one loud cry after another.

The punishment accomplished, we were released and brought out. I was still crying. Blanche led me away to the dormitory, anointed my poor fundament with cold cream, advised me to rest. When I was in bed she left me.

The four children paid for the denunciation. They were thoroughly whipped and being anything but stupid guessed the motive of their punishment—though nobody ever told them the real cause—and for some time they bore a grudge to little Lisa Carrin. I had a fever the whole day and did not get up till morning. The bright sunshine dissipated the incubus; nothing was left but satisfaction at having delivered my mistress from an anxiety.

Angela and Marie, received each twelve lashes for our sake, did not cry; Angela said, «My dear Adeline, this the second time I have suffered flagellation for you an your account; I am not vexed, yet I must inform you that a third execution will break our tie of friendship. I shall be very sorry if this happens, therefore try to avoid it.

I and my great friend began to be very intimate together. Having learned from Isabelle what was her taste, I unbuttoned her bodice as soon as we were alone, took out her breasts and sucked the nipples. She grew quite frantic with passion.

Another time she asked me to flog her, at first softly, then harder and harder. This excited her and she always finished by spending.

On her side, she was very fond of me and knowing that I loved to be caressed ’en ninette’ that is to say, to be licked between the thighs, she very often gratified me in this way.

The announcement of the nocturnal feast, which was arranged for the following Saturday, and the remission of all the punishments effaced the bad impression of this day, which by the way, brought me another success.

I perceived during recreation, the tender regards which Nanette sent me from her velvet eyes and I smiled to encourage her.

The following day she entered the parlour where I had remained behind the other pupils and made me a sign.

I joined her with all possible speed and on the landing, she said:

«Will you be so kind as to keep me company for some minutes in my room. I should be so happy.»

«Indeed, Nanette?»

«Little minx came quickly!»

We entered noiselessly, letting down the curtains in the doorway, which separated her room from the dormitory.

Sitting on her bed and looking admirably at me, she said:

«It is rumored that everybody runs after your stealthily?»

I hear it far the first time.

I was standing before her. She kept her legs swinging to and fro and by this movement her petticoats by and by got up above her knees. I guessed that she desired my caresses, and on the spur of the moment it seemed to her that it would be an agony of delight to feel my little phiz ravage her buttocks and thighs, and being already clever at the art of exciting the senses. I amused myself with waiting till her lasciviousness had prompted her to commit some excess.

She sighed and grew agitated. Her petticoats rose higher and higher. I perceived the white appetizing skin of her thighs. I did not stir, having taken it into my head to talk.

«This boarding school is a terrestrial paradise», murmured I.

«Oh, yes», replied she, «and neither the pupils nor the mistresses ever forget it What a grief it must be to leave it.»

«Nobody ever leaves it but to marry or to enter into an independent situation which permits them to return.»

«One can return?»

«Yes, on great festival days and for the Red Offices.»

«The Red Offices?»

«You will know what that means when you belong to the confraternity of Red Girls. I am sure the Chaplain will want you to become a member. She made up her mind to take my hand, drew me between her legs and conducted my fingers to her quim.»

«Look,» said I, tickling her lightly, «you have flogged me as best you could with the rod. What would you say if I frowned at you now?»

«Naughty girl! You can’t find it in your heart. Pressing down the arm she took hold of the upper part of my body, leaned on my head and threw her legs about my neck, my lips were glued to her rosy, shivering slit, she trembled all over. What a charming sight, you ought to have felt her pretty thighs caress your cheeks, dear Paul, her convex silken belly touch your forehead, her curly hair tickle your nose and your lips, and at the same time have what I had, the view of her rounding buttocks below.»

Nanette did not complain of my tonguings and spent twice on my face.

In interrupting my caresses, she said: I am selfish. Get in bed, and in my turn I’ll make you discharge; afterwards I shall ask you to regale my buttocks and I’ll do whatever you like in return.

Ah, what a dexterity in tonguing.

She was much more skillful than Angela the only person who had done ninette to me at the boarding school. Her tongue titillated me everywhere, her hands lifted my buttocks, her lips burnt as she sucked in the hair of my mount, which had become longer and thicker, since I left Chartres. I spent all of a sudden, dying away just as she tried to nibble my slit with her teeth.

Then she presented me her arse, the beauty of which I had admired in the presence of Blanche, Fanny and Marie.

It was like a dream.

She raised it on a level with my face, approached, retired and flattened it on the bed against my face; wriggled in all directions, all the while keeping hold of my tongue, jammed in between her buttocks.

I doted upon these caresses and devoured her arse so fervently with my kissings and suckings, that she placed her hand on my head pressed it with a sudden clasp and discharged, shaking so violently that my nose at each movement ran down the furrow from the beginning of her loins to between the thighs where it was moistened by her liquor.

We had now undressed.

Lying together in the bed, my hands in her, she asked:

«Did you enjoy it darling?»

«Oh, yes, and you?»

«Wonderful. Do think I am well made?»

«You are as beautiful as an angel.»

«You flatterer! Do you think me as pretty as the others?»

«Oh, yes, I like you very much. I must however, tell you that I have promised to be the sweetheart of Isabelle.»

«The intriguer! She makes her way everywhere. Well, don’t refuse her; she can have the intermittent relations with you and she is very changeable. Consent to my proposal.»

«With all my heart, Nanette. But then you must promise not to strike so hard when I deserve the flagellation.»

«Did you not ask to be punished yourself? Look, is Isabelle’s arse prettier than mine?»

«Indeed, they are almost alike as regards form and qualities.»

«Oh, then you make comparisons while licking?»

You ask my opinion; how can I give an answer without recalling it to mind.

We parted to go to sleep soundly and recover new strength.

Good night.



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