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Green girls - 13

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).

From the Same to the Same

How proud I was when I thought of my prerogative. Only one fear made me very uneasy. I was afraid of exciting the jealousy of the Misses Gerauds and my mistresses. There was, however, no help for it. In the evening, Juliette and Fanny took me aside and entered into conversation with me. After extolling my abilities, they said:

«Your admission into the Confraternity of Red Girls will be indispensable. We shall speak about this another day. We rely upon your discretion and good behavior, so that you don’t make discontent or hurt the feelings of your companions and mistresses. Can we trust you?»

«Yes, my dear mistress. I desire no better than to love and obey you.»

She kissed me and Fanny added:

«In a few weeks we shall celebrate your triumph in our turn.»

I got up at seven the next morning, as I did not wish to abuse my prerogative, and when I was on the point of leaving the dormitory, I came face to face to face with Isabelle in the doorway. She said with evil look:

«You think that your blue Riband and the protection of the man you suck will stop me. But you are wrong, you are! You are a dirty whore, I say, a real cad chewer.»

The crudity of these words which I had never heard before but of which I understood the significance, made me furious with anger. I rushed upon her and gave her two or three boxes on her head and before she had recovered from her surprise had pushed her toward a bed, tucked up her petticoats and gave her several tuffs with my flat hand. I struck as hard as I could.

«Ah, I cried,» You call me a dirty whore do you! You use nasty words. Defend yourself if you are so strong. There is a cuff for your dirty bottom, you Sodomite. How can I ever caress it? If you insult me again, I shall not hesitate to tell Miss Juliette and that will make matters very bad for you, I assure you.»

By flogging her, I had torn her drawers and perceiving her naked skin, I got wicked and pinched her furiously. Her cry of pain was stifled by her sobs and she declared herself beaten. Lying with all my weight on her loins, I flogged her cruelly, but at length her tears interrupted my blows.

«Forgive me,» she whispered. «I will never tease you again. I was vexed for two reasons. First, because I was looking for the Chaplain’s protection myself; and because I wanted to be your best friend. Don’t strike me again, please. Let us make friends again.»

Being distrustful, I kept myself on the defensive. She folded her hands and looked at me with loving eyes. Then she continued:

«Look, Adeline, let us make up. Is it not thanks to my rendezvous that you have obtained all this successes? Be a good girl! I’ll be your sweetheart as agreed, if you like.»

She was really charming, the darling beseeching attitude yet I resisted her remembering Marie’s advice said:

«I desire nothing more than to forget. But you have insulted me so far that I must have convincing prove of the warm friendship you offer.»

«Whatever you ordain me to do, I accept in advance,» she replied.

«Very well,» I said, I was going into the privy and after I have finished, you shall wipe my bottom, and afterwards you shall wash and lick it. If we are surprised we shall be flogged with the rod, and even the Chaplain’s protection cannot preserve you from it.»

«So much the worse; I consent.» Be it so, then.

We returned to the dormitory and she slipped her little bead through the opening of my drawers and returned a hundred fold the caresses I had showered upon her during the famous rendezvous at the chapel. The final rapture was not allowed. It was time to go to the class and we parted, promising one another frequent meetings. Alas! We were both to atone for my foolish demand.

Little Lisa Carrin had heard our discussion and told everything to Miss Robert who made a report to Miss Geraud. I was summoned after school and Miss Juliette said:

«Adeline, you have in concert with Isabelle committed one of the greatest faults our school ever heard of. I should prefer to screen both of you from punishment which will not fail to provoke the anger of two of the persons whose support is invaluable to me, but this is impossible because of the pupil who saw you. I am sorry and angry and I don’t understand where you have heard words like those you employed. You, especially, Adeline, have been brought up in an honest, innocent, family. Where have you learned the words they repeated to me? Don’t employ those words in the future? Believe me, pleasure is something beautiful and charming, that we must never tarnish it with gross language. This incident brings upon you flagellation with the rod and forfeiture of the Blue Riband and separation from your companions. The Chaplain, however, will authorize such severity, so you will be brought to my rooms and your companions will suppose you to be punished. This shall last to the day of flagellation which you cannot escape. Afterwards I’ll remit all punishments on account of interests to avoid such excesses or take your precautions so as to create no suspicions among the pupils. Your mistresses will shut their eyes. Moved by this consideration, I swore never to begin again, I was terrified by the thought of the flogging they had promised my poor posteriors, but was glad’ of the Importance I had gained by the Chaplain’s protection. He was my acknowledged lover and I had great influence with him.»

I had proof of it the same evening. He brought me a beautiful rom-fit box. He then said he knew of the whole affair, and said he would not have my pretty buttocks spoiled with my flogging and wished this, punishment immediately reminded and said this to Miss Fanny.

«Has she consented?» I asked. «No,» he said. «She pretends it is necessary to set an example. But I don’t care a pin for the example. I will not allow my little sweetheart to be flogged with the rod.»

«Don’t trouble,» I said. «I defer to their judgment. A little one has seen and the torture won’t be long if you have any regard for me, don’t be angry with my dear mistress.»

«She is perfect,» he said. «But, my child, you don’t know the effect of those lashes; for more than twenty-four hours your posteriors will be unfit for all pleasure.»

«If you are pleased to make use of it before or after, you’ll find it quite willing,» I said.

He kissed my eyes and then conducted me to his tool and I frigged it according to directions. Miss Fanny came in and surprised us in this attitude.

«You’ll spoil the dear child, I fear!» she said.

«No, my dear friend. She has just asked me not to screen her from flagellation. The school has made a precious acquisition in her person.»

«Yes,» said Miss Fanny, «she is indeed of eminent worth.»

«But,» said the Chaplain, «I want her to be avenged and for some reason or other, four of the little ones shall pay for the denunciation.»

«The pretext is easily found,» said Miss Fanny. «We shall inflict a punishment for the moral responsibility on a third part of her class.»

These lines, dear Paul, give you an idea of the position’ I am about to obtain in the school. In the bottom of my heart I pique myself on it.

You may expect some wonderful news one of these days.


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