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Green girls - 8

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).

From the Same to the Same

When I awoke the next morning at six o’clock, I was in a mortal fright. As soon as prayers were over, Miss Blanche conducted me to a large place. Miss Fanny was sitting before a small table. She wore a black silk dress which was exceedingly becoming and set off her fair beauty. She was as pretty as her sister, without taking away any of the austerity of her aspect.

Miss Nanette Courtelin stood before the table in the middle of the room; on a sofa perceived Marie. I was invited to sit down beside her on another sofa.

Blanch approached Miss Fanny, with whom she exchanged a few words and then took her place beside Miss Nanette. Our principal delivered the following address.

«Your fault, Marie, is greater than Adeline’s. It comes within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal and you will have to render account for it tomorrow. But being culpable at the same time as Adeline, you will have to assist at her punishment, in order that you may both keep it in mind. You, Adeline, are not ignorant of the kind of fault you have committed by not opposing resistance to your neighbor’s solicitations. It is the more grave, because you risked disturbing the sleep of your companions. As we have nothing else to reproach you with, you shall come off this once with some good slaps on your posteriors, inflicted here before the restricted committee. If you commit the same fault a second time, you will be flogged with the rod in the presence of the three united classes and the high ad ministerial council. I need not dwell upon how painful this punishment would be to your self-respect. Thank your mistress for the moderation she has shown in regard to your fault and promise not to begin again. I was greatly moved, promised what she asked and did not refuse to kiss Miss Blanche.

Miss Nanette was in charge with the execution of the chastisement.

A Prie Dieu chair was advanced, I knelt on the rather high stool, my arms and legs were tied, Miss Fanny turned my petticoats over my back, and as they had me take off my drawers, my stark naked bum appeared in all its plumpness.

All these preparations were very important and impressive. I blushed to the roots of my hair and a sense of shame paralyzed my brain. I dared not look at anybody. All of a sudden a terrible cuff fell on my buttocks. I set up a cry. My arse trembled under the vibrating agitation of her hand, but she did not stop at that. She gave me three, four, five, ten, twelve slaps, striking as hard as she could. I was half mad with excitement. I screamed. I implored their pardon. Everything whirled about me. It seemed as if my flesh was torn asunder and I had no doubt but that my poor arse would be injured forever.

The chastisement was over. Miss Fanny was standing before me, to the left I perceived Miss Nanette and to the right Miss Blanche.

At a sign of Miss Fanny, Marie Rougemont arose and threw herself down behind me. Then our form-mistress said: «The punishment of this dear treasure is attributable to you, Marie kiss it please and soothe the pain it suffers.» Was it possible? After the chastisement, the reason that had occasioned it was authorized. My tears were dried as if by magic. Marie caressed me gently. By and by I recovered my senses and distinguished near to us Miss Blanche squatting on the ground between the thighs of Miss Fanny, whose clothes were tucked up. She was kissing her as you did me.

Then Miss Nanette gathered up her skirts on her arms, approached the two women and showed them her legs and her stark naked arse and Miss Fanny caressed it with her hand, while Miss Blanche from time to time turned and licked the bottom.

Marie’s endearments made me go into ecstasies forgetting the suffering through which I had passed. I was not long in spending. On discharging Marie gave me a more hearty kiss than before and then interrupted her caresses. She approached the three women who, arrayed in a row, offered her their posteriors, which she licked one after the other. Attached to the chair, I thought I was enjoying a charming dream. I admired the three female fundaments capable of inspiring the most violent desires, my sighs became more and more frequent. I got agitated and cursed the hands that tied me.

Miss Blanche understood my feelings. She called in mind my situation and kindly came to release me.

She pointed at Marie who sat upon her heels behind the buttocks of Miss Fanny and Miss Nanette, caressing them in equal proportions. She, tucked up her clothes and presented me her own. Oh, dear Paul, I understood at this moment, the pleasure you and Abbe felt when you devoured my arse with your burning kisses. Blanche’s bum, plump, round with a well-marked furrow between the buttocks and a downy beard below, was exposed to my enchanted eyes in all its whiteness.

She bent forward to allow me to admire all its sweet contours and I kissed with emotion the fleshy parts, while I directed my hands between her thighs to her pretty little cunt which appeared between the hair.

She rounded her arse more and more; the furrow reflected a thousand glowing fires; one of my fingers found its way into it, then my nose and at length my lips and tongue. What bliss! I was beside myself with joy, when all of a sudden it was taken from me. I hadn’t however, even the time to complain when the arse of Nanette drew up before my enraptured eyes.

Oh what a gait it had. It was not so big as that of Blanche, but one would think it had a soul, so much did it humor the passions. It was elegant, of a perfect oval shape, firm and hard, full of nerves and muscles and she changed the furrow between the buttocks with wonderful dexterity.

What a heavenly game, what a charming solution of the pain. I was favored with Fanny’s toe, at the same time as that of Marie’s.

The latter lay down on all fours and our great principal place herself upon her, but a little more forward. I had to divide my caresses between these two jewels. Fanny’s arse was much fuller of a more perfect than that of Marie and yet hers was not without grace and beauty. Protected by our Principal’s splendid bum, the biggest of those viewed in the hall, it seemed to affect timidity and modesty, and it claimed as well as the big one the contact of my eager lips.

But how is it possible to describe Fanny’s royal beauty?

Oh, dear Paul, you would have wallowed upon it in perfect bliss. I asked myself how she, who has such well-shaped limbs and such a delicate form, could have such a big arse. Exposed in this manner it dominated her whole body; its furrow was deep, well marked and rosy, and was big enough to engulf the whole affair the Abbe.

When she was standing it assumed natural limits. When on all fours, it increased in size so that I grew mad about it.

Returning from time to time to my little friend below, I clung to it with my hands, mouth and tongue. She leaped with it, discharging already and murmuring:

«My little Adeline, you will become one of our best pupils. We shall all be fond of you and you shall like our school. Give me the slaps dear, which Nanette gave you.»

I dared not. I kissed and licked. Nanette pushed my head against Fanny’s arse, saying:

«Why thrash on, little one, she wants you to do it, and you will procure her great sensual pleasure by doing it.»

While I set to work, striking one blow after another on her pretty arse, which responded to each cuff by a shivering down the furrow, Nanette took Blanche astride on her knees, gluing her lips to the other; their hands got under their petticoats and they frigged one another furiously, rubbing their bellies together.

At a certain moment, Fanny squeezed Marie’s arse between her thighs, heaved, and then fell down, suddenly discharging the latter under the weight of her body, while she discharged her liquor of lust.

I was riveted to the spot with bliss and my tongue remained between her buttocks.

Is it not wonderful, my dear, that I have come so well off?


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