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An Account of the Whippings, Rapes, and Violences that Preceded the Civil War in America

Spanked and rogered again

The Memoirs Of Dolly Morton (Chapter XIV)


Jean de Villiot, The Memoirs Of Dolly Morton : The Story of A Woman’s Part in The Struggle to Free The Slaves, An Account of the Whippings, Rapes, and Violences that Preceded the Civil War in America, With Curious Anthropological Observations on the Radical Diversities In the Conformation of the Female Bottom and the Way Different Women endure Chastisement, Ed. Charles Carrington, London, Paris, 1899.

I learn something of Randolph’s previous copulating proclivities; I go for a ride and am rogered in my tight-fitting riding dress; spanked and rogered again; I respond to his lunges and give the Southern Bluebeard satisfaction.

Next morning I received a letter from Randolph informing me that he would be home in three days and telling me to have a good dinner ready for him at the usual hour, with gumbo soup, stewed terrapin and roasted canvasback ducks. He was very fond of those three things, two of which—gumbo soup and stewed terrapin—can be got in perfection only in the Southern States.

Sending for Dinah, I told her that her master was coming back and I gave her orders about the dinner, also telling her to warn the cook and the kitchen-women to be careful. Randolph, being a great gourmet, was most particular about the cooking of everything, and if a cook, through carelessness, spoiled a dish, her bottom was generally made to smart.

After lunch on the day Randolph was to return, I interviewed Dinah, who told me that she had got the terrapin and the canvasback ducks and that the cooks were preparing a very good dinner. It was only two o’clock, and, since I did not expect Randolph to be home until six, I thought I would go out for a ride.

I knew that he would scold me if he did not find me dressed for dinner and waiting in the drawing room to receive him. So, after ordering my horse to be brought to the terrace, I went up to my room, and, assisted by Rosa, dressed in full riding costume—a short chemise reaching to my knees and a dark blue habit. On my head I wore a soft felt hat of tan color, and I had tan gauntlets on my hands.

Rosa always was amused when she was helping me to dress in riding costume, and, on this occasion, while buttoning my breeches round my broad hips, she laughed, saying, «Oh Missis, how funny you does look in dem tight trousies. Dey does show de shape of your figure, an’ no mistake.»

However, when I was completely attired, the girl gazed admiringly at me, remarking that I looked «real lubly.» And I think that I may say without conceit that I did look well in riding costume.

I went downstairs and out on the terrace, where one of the Negro grooms was walking my horse up and down. The horse was getting old, but he was a very handsome creature, a thoroughbred «dark bay» with black «points.» He knew me well, for I used to visit him every day, giving him bits of bread, lumps of sugar and slices of carrot, of all of which he was very fond.

The groom put me up on the saddle, then I trotted off alone. (I never took a man with me.) It was a bright, cool day, the old horse was frisky but perfectly under my control, and, as he ambled with an easy action along the smooth, level road, the breeze fanned my cheeks, bringing an increased color to them. My eyes began to sparkle and I felt in very good spirits.

I rode seven miles to a farm house, where I dismounted and had a glass of milk while the old horse had a bucket of meal and water. Then, after a short rest, I again mounted and rode slowly back to Woodlands, arriving at five o’clock.

The groom was waiting for me on the terrace, and, as he helped me down from the saddle, he told me that «de Massa» had been back about an hour. Hurrying into the house, I went straight to the drawing room, where I found Randolph lying on the sofa.

«Oh, George!» I exclaimed. «I am sorry I was not in when you returned. But I did not think that you would be home until six o’clock.»

I expected that he would be very cross with me for not having been waiting for him. But, to my great relief, he was in good humor. «Never mind, Dolly,» he said. «It doesn’t matter.»

Then, getting off the sofa, he lifted me up in his arms and kissed me on the forehead in a gentle affectionate way. (He seldom kissed me, and, when he did, his kisses generally were coarse and sensual.) I was surprised at his soft manner and tender kiss, and I thought to myself that, if only he would treat me more as a woman and less as a subject for the gratification of his passions, I might get to like him a little.

But his soft mood did not last many moments. I saw the sensual look, which I knew so well, come into his eyes as they roved over the curves of my bosom and the outlines of my hips, which were clearly defined by my tightly-fitting habit. After a moment, he said: «You are looking very fresh and rosy, and your habit does show off your figure to perfection. In fact you look so nice that I am going to ’have’ you this minute, just as you stand.»

«Oh!» I exclaimed, rather taken aback. «That will be very uncomfortable. I’ve got on breeches and boots. Come to my room and let me take them off.»

«No, I won’t go to your room,» he said laughing. «I intend to keep you here and poke you just as you are. I’ve ’had’ women in all sorts of dress and undress, but I’ve never ’had’ one in full riding costume. It will be a decided novelty; therefore my pleasure will be increased. I’ve not touched a woman since I left you. Now take off your hat and gloves, but don’t remove anything else.»

When I first had seen him that afternoon, I was not disinclined for a poke, for there had been three weeks abstinence and, if he had taken me quietly up to my room, had let me undress and then had poked me properly on the bed, I should have been quite pleased. But now I was annoyed by the coarse way in which he had spoken, and I disliked having to submit to his embraces while dressed as I was. However, I knew that it would be useless to remonstrate. So, taking off my hat and gloves, I waited for his next move.

He took off his coat and waistcoat, then made me lean over the back of a low, broad armchair with my hands resting on the seat. (I was not surprised, for he often had placed me over a chair before.) He next rolled up the skirt of my habit to my shoulders, and, since my body was curved by the position in which I was leaning, my bottom was well stuck out and my breeches tightly stretched. After a little fumbling under my corset, he unbuttoned the breeches and with some difficulty pulled them down to the tops of my boots. Then he carefully tucked up my chemise, leaving me bare to the attack.

He always was fond of looking at me and feeling my bottom, so he stroked it, saying: «Why, Dolly, your bottom seems to be plumper, prettier and whiter than ever, but I am going to redden it with a little spanking.»

When I heard him say this, I was frightened. He never had offered to do such a thing to me before. Raising my head, and looking over my shoulder I said in a pleading tone: «Oh, don’t spank me. I can’t bear pain.» But I did not attempt to move from the position he had placed me in. Somehow or other, I never could resist his will.

«I won’t hurt you,» he said. «I’ll only make you feel a pleasant tingling sensation.» He then began to spank me; not with much force, but yet sufficiently hard to cause my skin to tingle more than I liked, and he applied the slaps to one side of my bottom only, leaving he other side quite untouched.

When he had spanked the whole surface of one buttock from the upper part down to the thigh, he stopped, saying with a laugh: «There, Dolly. One cheek is pink as a rose and the other is white as a lily. The contrast is charming. It is a pity that you cannot see for yourself.»

Then, going to work again, he spanked the white cheek until it also turned a rosy pink. But I can’t say that I felt only a pleasant tingling sensation; in point of fact, my bottom decidedly smarted. But, strange to say, the slight spanking had excited a voluptuous feeling in me and I was anxious to receive the stroke.

Randolph now unbuttoned his trousers. Then, making me separate my legs slightly, he clasped his arms round my body and, stooping a little, thrust his «thing» into the «spot» between the cleft of the thighs. Holding me in a close embrace with his belly pressed against my bottom, he began to lunge at me strongly, giving me the full length of his member, while I, pressing my thighs together, clipped the weapon tightly in the sheath, at the same time moving my loins briskly backwards and forwards to meet his powerful thrusts.

He worked away in fine style, and I gave him every assistance. Thus, in a few seconds, the supreme spasm arrived. He discharged copiously, while I squirmed and twisted myself about, wriggling my bottom in voluptuous ecstasy until all was over. Then my knees gave way under me and I should have fallen had he not held me up.

«That was a good one, Dolly, wasn’t it,» said he, helping me to my feet. «You did your part very well.»

I smiled, and, pulling up my breeches, buttoned them round my waist, while he fastened the front of his trousers and put on his coat and waistcoat. I do not know whether during his absence he had touched a woman or not, but the poke he gave me that day was the most vigorous I ever had received from him. (Since that time I have learned by experience that all men are fanciful; they like change, and are fond of «making love» to women in all sorts of ways. But women do not care to be «had» in fancy positions with their clothes on; they prefer to be embraced in the old-fashioned way, lying on their backs in or on a comfortable bed, with nothing on but a chemise or a nightdress.)

The welcoming party over, Randolph and I went to our respective rooms and dressed for dinner, meeting each other at the table at seven o’clock. It was an excellent repast. The cooks had done their best, and the gumbo soup, stewed terrapin and roast canvasback ducks were cooked to perfection. Since we both were hungry, we did full justice to the various dishes, and also to the champagne and other wines.

Randolph asked me how the women had behaved during his absence, and I replied that they had not given me the least trouble. Then I told him how I had spanked the two children for killing the kitten. He was very much amused, laughing heartily at my description of the affair, and he said that I was such a meek little creature that he did not think that I would have had the courage to whip the children single-handed.

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