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Green girls - 18

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).

From the Same to the Same

Every body was asleep that evening at midnight a profound silence reigned and when I saw Isabelle pull my curtain and heard her whisper: «My love! You have waited for me—come quick!»

My hands got under her nightgown; she smiled and allowed me to titillate her cunt but added:

«Let us be quick. We shall be better down there; Nannette is a heavier sleeper than Blanche.»

I got cautiously out of my bed and followed her. We glided like shadows.

The minx awaited our arrival stark naked.

«Well, scarcely audibly, there you are at last!»

She applied her lips to my cunt and kept it in close embrace for a minute.

Isabelle pressed my hands, approached her lips to mine and sent my soul into ecstasies by changing some drops of her saliva for mine.

Clementine gathered up my gown in front, did the same to Isabelle and then pushed our bellies towards each other with her hands.

Afterwards she squatted down under us and placed one of her hands on my buttocks; we remained motionless in this attitude, while she breathed on our cunts, and we kissed and tongued each other’s lips.

I forgot myself in heavenly delight. All of a sudden I felt my thighs get wet. Astonished at this, I stretched out my hand and found the explanation.

Isabelle had pissed on the face and shoulders of Clementine, who was frigging her cunt like a mad woman, swallowed a good deal of it.

Hugging me in her arms, my sweetheart suddenly spouted out the jet of her piss over my quim and my belly.

There is nothing more infectious than filthiness. I took example by the others and consented in my turn to this disgusting scene. I poured my urine which she longed to taste into Clementine’s face and to my astonishment; Isabelle arranged her belly under my thighs in order to be irrigated by it. We cleansed ourselves carefully and every trace of the pissing scene was effaced.

Isabelle liked Clementine because of the horrors she would suggest because of the flavor or her yet undeveloped body and she showered upon me the lasciviousness he imbibed, caressing me in the most frantic manner. After wards she turned to the child covered her own body, kissed and tongued her; they struggled in raging lubricity, encouraging each other by filthy words and ridiculous proposals.

Then kneeling behind me, the little rogue honored my buttocks with her most skillful tonguings while she kept the head of Isabelle who was lying on the carpet between her thighs to receive her ninettes and feuilles de rose.

Clementine said: «She would not permit me to suck her pipi in the garden, Isabelle, and one night she sent me away and I was obliged to content myself with Marie who sucked my bum so soundly I thought she would swallow the contents. I say, Isabelle, your friend is but poorly trained.»

«There are many gluttons like you, you little ninny; all people cannot understand that you are so coarse and filthy at such an early age; I like it but Adeline is a sentimentalist.»

Seeing the radiant little blonde, nobody would have thought of the depravity which she showed. Compared to Isabelle, who was renowned for her vice, her depravity took such proportions that I asked myself how far will she go?

We soon formed the most charming triangle; my head rested on the thighs of Isabelle, who transferred my caresses to the posteriors of Clementine and the latter favored me with her most skillful tongueings.

We were fortunate to regain our bed without accident; but the next morning some trifles betrayed us. Having abused the time I slept so soundly next morning that they had to shake me to make me jump out of bed. And what a face I had!

In Clementine’s dormitory, Nanette came up and discovered the linen which had been employed as a sponge for our urine; Clementine never troubled about it and left it on the floor. Clementine answered that she had probably wet in her sleep.

This incongruous statement did not satisfy her mistress. In the bathroom our guilt was substantiated. Some dirty water and one of my handkerchiefs smelling of urine, with which I had wiped Clementine’s shoulders, became presumptive evidences. These facts were put together; Clementine and I were accused of nocturnal intercourse. Not knowing what fib to tell I defended myself badly, and Isabelle was the only one who escaped.

We were condemned to flagellation with the scourge until blood was shed.

The cruel Nannette, whom I had neglected of late, took a dreadful revenge. She was charged with the punishment and she brandished the scourge with all her might, thrashing my poor arse so severely that it soon was covered with bleeding scars.

Clementine and I, both stark naked, endured the punishment at the same time. Neither of us cried.

I wept silently at first; afterwards I fell into ecstasies. A strange pleasing sensation tickled my epidermis and as the scourge hit again and again, as my body got aflame, it thrilled me through and through, a shivering ran down my spine; the pain was assuaged and replaced by a sharp, violent sensation; I almost fainted away in luscious rapture.

According to Angela’s and Isabelle’s advice, I had promised myself to seek the sensual pleasure of the flagellation and I succeeded.

Clementine presented by the distortion of her arse under the cuts of the scourge, such a seductive spectacle that, as some of my friends told me afterwards, our mistresses frigged themselves from above their petticoats.

There were the consequences of the punishment: My friendship with Angela, who was not flogged this time was broken; my relations to my mistress were extended; I received a severed rebuke from the Misses Geraud who accused me of hypocrisy; unable to understand my foolish escapade with a child, a Red Girl, it is true, but as such, doubly inviolable.

All is not rose coloured in this life, although it is a life of pleasure; that we know to our cost, my dear Paul!

A thousand kisses from


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