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The New Epicurean

The Delights of Sex (6)

Erotic novel (chapter 6: To Laïs 2)


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Edward Sellon, The New Epicurean or The Delights of Sex, Facetiously and Philosophically Considered, in Graphic Letters Addressed to Young Ladies of Quality, London, 1740 [1865].

To Lais

Lady Cecilia has Men in love, and with a very Daphnis too, the beautiful little brother of the charming Phoebe. He came here the other day to see his sister, and prodigiously took the fancy of my lady. As we are far too philosophical, in this our terrestrial paradise, to agitate ourselves with such absurd passions as jealousy, I left Cecilia to do as she liked; so she has engaged the pretty fellow, who is just fourteen and the image of his sister, as her body page, but instead of putting him in livery, has dressed him a la Watteau, a style of costume at once simple and elegant.

Of course, she made his sister give him a good scrubbing and combing before he mounted his new clothes, and now powdered, perfumed and dressed he looks fit for a princess. Phoebe is hugely pleased that Jack is to stay here, and as for little Chloe, she evidently has some very sinister designs on his virtue.

I told Cecilia that I congratulated her on such an acquisition and hoped she would not object to my seeing some of the performances. She laughed, and replied, ’Oh, see all you like, my dear Charles, only don’t let the boy know at first, as he is very bashful and timid.’

I promised compliance.

A few days afterwards, as I lay on the banks of the lake listlessly feeding the carp, Phoebe came running to me, and having seated herself quite out of breath by my side, she told me that Cecilia and her brother were amusing themselves in the grotto, in the grove of beeches, and if I would make haste I might see something that would amuse me. So, throwing my arm round Phoebe’s waist, I accompanied her, going round to the opposite side to the entrance. We looked through a chink in the rockwork and could both see and hear all that passed.

First I observed Cecilia seated on the mossy bank, and holding the boy, whose breeches were down, between her naked thighs. His hands were toying with her bubbles while she, having tucked up his fine cambric shirt, with her right hand caressed his little stiff thing and with her left patted his pretty dimpled soft and girlish bottom.

’Oh, you dear little fellow,’ said she, ’what a beautiful figure you have got, your waist is so small, your bottom so plump, dimpled, and rounded, and your skin so soft; you have such a lovely face, your hair is so silky, luxuriant and beautiful, and you have such little hands and feet, surely nature quite intended you for a girl, only she gave you this little saucy cock instead of something else, which, however, I am very glad of, as you will be able to play with me. Dear boy, do you like me to tickle it?’

’Oh, yes, my lady,’ cried the lad, ’very much indeed, and I do love these little breasts so, do let me kiss them.’

And pulling her bubbies out he buried his face between them.

’But,’ she exclaimed, ’you have not looked at this other little secret place—but perhaps, you have seen girls before?’

’Why, my lady, to say the truth, I have, but only little ones. I should like to see your ladyship’s beautiful cunt very much.’

’Oh, fie, naughty boy, do not use such naughty words. But look, here it is.’

And she straddled open her legs.

’Feel it with your pretty little hand. Oh, you dear fellow, that is nice; now lie down upon me and I will show you what love is.’

And grasping his beautiful buttocks, she drew him to her and he slipped in with ease.

’Now, dear boy, move up and down, that’s it, my little stallion; you are, I see, an apt pupil.’

Then holding open those white hemispheres, she inserted her delicate finger into his little rosy orifice behind, and entwining her lovely limbs round his loins, they were presently bounding and heaving with delight.

The sight was so exhilarating to both Phoebe and myself that I lifted up her clothes, and still contemplating the ardent young lovers, commenced the same game myself. Now, whatever the ancients may have thought on the subject, I must confess I have never seen what the peculiar point of attraction could be in having beautiful boys, as they unquestionably did; yet when I saw that lovely young bottom bounding up and down, and Cecilia’s wanton finger frigging away, a strange dizziness seized me and I felt a lust, stronger than the lust for women, lay hold of me.

But one cannot be perfectly happy in this world long together, so that it happened that just at the height of titillation, my climax and I sent a gushing stream into her bowels. Cecilia and her Daphnis having also died away in bliss, we beat a retreat, to prevent discovery.

Thus you see, my dear Lais, that like a true Epicurean, I never let slip any pleasure within my reach. I think it behoves us to live while we may and give full scope to those delicious sensual appetites which we can only enjoy for so short a time.

Hoping soon to have the happiness of seeing you here, I remain, Your devoted Admirer.

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