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Green girls - 20

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).

From the Same to the Same

Fanny’s party fixed my position in the house. In a few days the Red Services will be celebrated and I shall be admitted into the confraternity. The other day I assisted at a meeting of the Red Girls. The four gentleman of the Great Council were present, also the mistress and seven senior pupils and three little ones. We wore nothing but a short frock which stopped at the waist and left naked our belly, arse, legs and shoulders. On the head of a hood concealing the face with holes for the eyes and mouth.

The doctor and the chaplain took me to the women assembled and told me to touch the buttocks and quim of each of them.

And as I obeyed, one placed his fingers on my cunt, the other on my bumhole. Arrived before the three little ones, I lay down at full length on the carpet and all the women turned her backs upon me.
Camille Gaudin and Jules Collas squatted over me, one over my face to make me suck his prick, the other over my thighs to titillate my cunt with his cockery.

Then we danced and the mistresses gamahuched one another and I sucked the four men.

The whole resulted in a confused farfandole, where the eyes grew phosphorescent behind the holes of the hood, our bodies shivered from voluptuous desires and we all flung ourselves down at sixes and sevens to gratify our lust.

That night I was scarcely in bed when I saw the curtain move. I leaned on my elbow to see what was the cause and was struck speechless with astonishment to see Isabelle beside my bed, letting down her shirt. When stark naked, she presented one of her bubbies to my lips; she grasped it with one hand and approached it imperiously to my face.

All my passionate love for Isabelle reawakened. I obeyed and sucked the perfect breast, shutting my eyes, intoxicated with joy and happiness. She did not stir. Finally, she drew her breast away, took my hand and approached it to her buttocks. Could resist no longer. I loaded her with ardent, burning uninterrupted caresses.

Impassable like a statue, she suffered herself to be caressed. I lost myself in the raptures of my success, almost wishing to die on the motionless body of this Circe.

I slipped a finger between her thighs and they parted. I titillated her quim and she spread her legs wide. I put my head between them from below and she glued my lips to her cunt, while I squeezed her buttocks with both hands.

Intoxicated with my ninettes, I introduced a finger into each orifice and pulled her thighs to my shoulders and bosom. She abandoned herself to whatever I did but did not respond to my foolish caresses.

My passion increased. I was on the point of losing my senses, of going mad. Then she squeezed me between her thighs and suddenly a cataract oozed down bespattering my neck and shoulders. When she stopped, it oozed down my whole body and perplexed at this unexpected drenching, I tore off my towel to repair my disordered condition.

She was sitting on my bed and I thought I saw her wicked sarcastic smile. I continued to clean myself. I resolved to break this rebellious creature. I pulled her violently by the leg and whispered:

«It is your turn now and you had better obey.»

«What is the matter with you? It is necessary to fly into a passion with me when you wish to enjoy sensual pleasure with me. Did I not come on my own account? And have I not consented to what you asked.»

«I want the same caresses as I have just bestowed upon you.»

«Willingly,» she answered. «Also, I want to piddle into your mouth.»

«Instantly, if you like.»

She squatted between my thighs, approached her lips to my cunt took my buttocks in her hands and devoured me with caresses, while she waited for me to piss.

Being more depraved than I, she promised that she reserved me a pleasure. She said, cease piddling when I touch your bumhole with my finger and turn it to me.

She took a mouthful of urine, made me turn and stoop forward then she separated my buttocks, uncovered the orifice and dexterously squirted in the mouthful she had kept back. It caused me to thrill all over.

Then she took out the chamber pot, saying:

«I am not afraid of being inundated but in order to avoid surprises I think it preferable to pour out the rest of your pepi in this. I’ll rinse my mouth and then we can amuse ourselves in your bed. She became very tractable and I soon found her cuddled in my arms. Then I re-found my ardent Isabelle, of whom I was so fond.»

She whispered: «Don’t be angry if it happens that I insult you or if one of my friends tease you. I cannot help it. It is my nature to be disagreeable to those I love, and I love you more than all the others. Quick, said she, glide towards my bum.»

Whatever Camille Gaudin and all the other worshippers of fat bums say, nothing can compare to the thousand different resources of Isabelle’s delicate arse. It exulted over my least scruples. Between her movements, she never ceased speaking:

«Oh Adeline, my love, take me, make me your own, spend on me I love and I’ll love you for ever, I’ll soon devour your lips with such kisses as you have never received before.»

What a night, my Paul. We spent most of it together.

She only retired when it was dangerous to stay longer. We did not sleep and you should have seen our faces when we entered the schoolroom next morning.

The most ardent caresses from


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