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Green girls - 5

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).


She accomplished her ablutions in the cabinet before returning to her room, and as she opened the door to get out, she found herself face to face with Paul, who, with a candle in his hand was about to retire and enter. Being a quick-witted girl, she did not give him time to recover from his surprise, but blew out the light and whispered:

«Are you very much pressed?»

«No, I could not sleep and made a pretext of it to get out of bed.» «If so, come with me to my room. Mama is asleep and will not suspect.»

The carpet deadened the noise of their footsteps. She made him strip stark naked as she had done herself, laid him on the floor and squatted over him so as to please him. Then she gradually stretched herself and the two innocents gradually discovered the delectable attitude of 69.

Adeline’s bottom still retained the aromatic savor of the priest’s discharge and this excited Paul very much, so that his prick increased in size and assumed quite formidable proportions. At the sight of that the girl interrupted her sucking, approached her lips to Paul, and said:

«Bury it in my bum hole and you will be very happy.»

Ignorant as he was of the thing he was about to do, through her excellent advice, he slipped his prick into the furrow from which it easily arrived at her bum hole. Being still hot after the priest’s assault, it still burned with satisfaction at this new visit; it was easy for the girl to support Paul’s attack.

They kneaded one another’s flesh with their fists, exchanging hot and loving kisses over her shoulder. They did not prolong their pleasure, for the little Paul soon lost his virginity in his sister’s bottom hole. He discharged abruptly and it was only with great difficulty that he suffocated a loud cry of pleasure as he spent.

Content with her night’s work, Adeline overwhelmed him with caresses and recommended he go to sleep if he ever wanted to come again.

Those who have tasted the fruit of love once want it again and again, Paul longed for it and Adeline never refused to gratify his desires. Under the thousands of circumstances which occur in daily life, they found a pretext for pleasure.

At last they found a little nook in the garret where there were some mattresses in a corner. They agreed to meet there from time to time after school hours, going up stairs one after the other to avoid suspicion.

This went off pretty well, once, twice, but the third time Mrs. Mirzan had seen her daughter climb the stairs in a mysterious manner and. she was astonished to see Paul soon follow his sister, observing caution. Their mother was puzzled a moment and wondered what she would do. Guided by a strong presentiment, she went upstairs and found that the children had shut themselves in the nook; she looked through the keyhole and was greatly disconcerted when she saw Adeline lying on her back, her clothes well tucked up and Paul passionately licking her little cunt.
Overwhelmed by this sight, Mrs. Mirzan had but one thought, to call her husband. Before she had explained herself, he understood that something serious had happened. He followed her, and both arrived in the garret as Master Paul, his prick in the air, was going to place himself in the attitude of 69 with his pretty little sister.

Their father’s fury was terrible. He broke a stick on the back of the two culprits, stormed, abused and lectured them. The priest observed the greatest reserve during this period. He constantly trembled that the tempest should reach him also.

One mother consulting the priest about Adeline, he advised her to the Misses Gerund’s boarding school in Paris which was especially known for restraining precocious passions in children. There was fortunately a vacancy in their boarding school, since Misses Geroud received only a limited number of young ladies and little girls. At first it gave her a pang to be away from home, but she soon got accustomed to her new surroundings.

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