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An Account of the Whippings, Rapes, and Violences that Preceded the Civil War in America

Hot viands and bottom-spanking escapades

The Memoirs Of Dolly Morton (Chapter XI)


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Jean de Villiot, The Memoirs Of Dolly Morton : The Story of A Woman’s Part in The Struggle to Free The Slaves, An Account of the Whippings, Rapes, and Violences that Preceded the Civil War in America, With Curious Anthropological Observations on the Radical Diversities In the Conformation of the Female Bottom and the Way Different Women endure Chastisement, Ed. Charles Carrington, London, Paris, 1899.

A Rabelaisian banquet of nude demoiselles; a shocking orgy; ten naked waitresses and their bashfulness; hot viands and bottom-spanking escapades, and the inevitable sequel!

Three months passed, during which period I went through some varied experiences and saw some curious sights. If I were to relate everything that occurred, my story would be too long. However, I will describe one or two of the incidents just to give you an idea of what sort of man Randolph was.

I have already mentioned the dinner parties he frequently gave for his male friends, and I have told you that these gatherings were always of a very free and easy sort. At one of these dinners the proceedings were of a more licentious character than usual. Randolph had invited ten guests, which was the usual number.

He was very particular on these occasions that all the girls should be nicely dressed, so Dinah used to parade them for my inspection just before the guests arrived. I merely had to see that the girls should be nicely attired outwardly, but Dinah, before bringing them to me, had to see that each girl was clean in person and that she had on clean underlinen.

On the day of which I am speaking, after my own toilet had been made, I went down to the hall and inspected the girls, finding them all looking clean and smart. Then I went into the drawing room where Randolph was lounging on a chair, turning over the leaves of a large, illustrated book of Rabelais, an author whose works he was very fond of reading.

I told him that I had seen the girls and that they all were looking very nice in their black frocks. To my astonishment, he burst out laughing and said: «Oh, they won’t wear frocks this evening. I have got such a splendid idea from a picture in this old book. It’s a wonder it never struck me before.»

«What is it?» I asked.

«I have just been reading the chapter which tells how Pantagruel and his companions were entertained at a banquet by the Papimaniacs and were waited on by a bevy of nude damsels. The dinner tonight shall be a reproduction of the scene described. There are ten men coming and each man shall be waited on by a naked girl. It will be great fun and also quite a novel entertainment for my guests.»

Although I was accustomed to his vagaries, this new freak horrified me. I should have to sit at the table with ten men, while the same number of women displayed their naked bodies! The idea was most repugnant to me, and I blushed, a thing I had not done for many a day.

«Oh George!» I exclaimed. «Don’t do such a thing! It is too shameful.»

«Yes I will,» he said, laughing heartily, «Why Dolly, you are actually blushing! I thought you had got over all your squeamishness by this time.»

«Oh, but this is a particularly horrid idea,» I observed. «If you are determined to carry it out, don’t make me come to the table. Just fancy what a dreadful position it would be for me to have to sit among a lot of men, surrounded by naked women. I should not know which way to look.»

He again laughed, but there was in his eyes a hard look which I had got to know and which meant that he had determined to have his way. «It does not matter which way you look,» he said, «You are looking very pretty and that’s sufficient. You will have to take your place at table as usual, and you must appear to be quite unconscious that the women are naked. None of my guests will insult you by word or look.»

I still remonstrated, but he sternly told me to shut up or it would be the worse for me. I shut up, for I was afraid of him, knowing him to be a man who would stop at nothing and that if I made any more objections he might take it into his head to whip me.

Now sending for Dinah, he told her what he intended, to do, and gave her orders to have ten of the young women stripped naked in readiness. He named the ones he wanted, selecting those who had the best figures. Seven were quadroons, the other three octoroons—one of them being Rosa.

Dinah, with a perfectly unmoved countenance, received the order and some further instructions. «All right, Sab,» she said, «de gals shall be ready.» Then she left the room.

It was nearly seven o’clock, and the guests began to arrive. Some came on horseback, some came in buggies. In a short time the whole party had assembled. All the gentlemen were more or less known to me, and everyone, upon entering the room, shook hands with me in a polite manner. The men were of all ages, the youngest being about twenty-five and the oldest upwards of fifty. Most of them were bachelors, but I knew that some were married men.

Presently, Dinah, looking very smart in her black frock and white cap, made her appearance with a tray of cocktails, and, while the guests were imbibing, Randolph said with a smile on his face: «I suppose, gentlemen, that most of you have read Rabelais. Those who have perused the book will remember the description of the banquet given to Pantagruel in the island of Papimania.»

«Aye!» cried the company. «And what a banquet it was!»

«Well,» said Randolph, grinning lasciviously, «I intend our dinner tonight to be, as nearly as possible, a counterpart of that banquet. I think that I can give you as good a fare and as good wine as Homenas gave Pantagruel and his companions. I also think that the ’she-butlers’ will please you. They may not be so fair-skinned as were the damsels of Papimania, but in all other respects you will find that the ’waitresses’ will answer the description of the ones mentioned in the book. They are ’tight lasses,’ good conditioned, comely, waggish and fit for business.»

The men who had read Rabelais and knew what was coming laughed and clapped their hands. The men who had not read the book looked puzzled. However, knowing Randolph’s little ways, these latter libertines knew all too well that something funny was going to happen.

In a short time dinner was announced, whereupon the oldest of the guests, a gentleman named Harrington—whom I knew to have grown up daughters-offered me his arm and led me into the brilliantly-lighted dining room. The other men followed and we took our places at the table, which was beautifully decorated with flowers and glittering with plate and glass. Randolph took his place at one end of the table, I faced him at the other end and five of the guests sat on each side.

When everyone was comfortably settled, Randolph touched a small handbell beside him. Then the door at the far end of the room was opened and Dinah came in, followed by ten naked young women with their long black hair flowing loose on their shoulders.

Each girl, without hesitation, took her position behind one of the guests—Dinah had told them where to go. They all showed signs of bashfulness, for, though every one of them had on various occasions passed through the hands of gentlemen singly in a bedroom, none ever had been exposed stark-naked before the eyes of a number of people. Some cast their eyes downward and fidgeted as they stood. All of them placed their hands over the «spot» between their legs.

I felt horribly uncomfortable. Hot thrills passed over me and my cheeks grew scarlet. The men smiled, casting amused glances at one another. Then they looked with gleaming eyes at the naked girls. Some were slim, some were plump. Some were tall, some were of medium size and some were short. But all were pretty and had shapely figures, with firm, round breasts and good bottoms. The brilliant light, shining on their naked bodies, made their smooth, olive-tinted skins glisten. The hair covering the «spots» was, in all cases, black or dark brown, and one of the quadroons, a plump little girl nineteen years of age named Fanny, who had been whipped a couple of days before, still bore the pink stripes left by the switch.

Rosa was the prettiest of all the girls. She also had the best figure, and she was the lightest in color. Consequently she attracted the most admiration.

The dinner soon was in full progress. The girls, directed by Dinah, bustled about bringing in the dishes, changing the plates and filling the glasses with champagne. Some of them, not being accustomed to waiting at table, were rather awkward. But, whenever a girl made a mistake, she received from Randolph the next time she came within reach of his arm a slap on the bottom which made her jump and squeal and clap her hand to the smarting target.

The gentlemen talked and laughed as unconcernedly as if they were quite accustomed to being waited on by naked women and to seeing them smacked whenever they made a mistake. But it was a most trying time for me. I sat with my eyes fixed on my plate, and with a very red face, making a pretence of eating and hardly listening to the conversation of Mr. Harrington, the old gentleman who had taken me into dinner and who was sitting on my right.

He chattered away to me, but I noticed that he kept leering lecherously at Rosa’s full bosom and broad bottom as she tripped gracefully here and there. She evidently had taken his fancy more than any of the other girls, and I felt sure that later on my pretty maid would be poked by the old satyr.

The dinner was a long one, but at last it was over and the gentlemen settled down to smoke their cigars and sip their coffee while the conversation turned upon slaves and the price of cotton. No improper remarks of any sort were made by the men, but their eyes frequently were turned with lustful looks on the naked girls standing in various attitudes about the room.

When the cigars had been smoked, we all went into the drawing room, the girls being told to follow. I tried to slip away, but Randolph ordered me to remain. He then told his guests to sit on a row of chairs at the end of the room.

When they had done so, he posed the naked girls in groups in various positions with their arms round each other, some standing, some kneeling and some lying on their sides at full length so that their figures could be seen both back and front. These poses plastiques greatly pleased the spectators, and they gloated over each lascivious tableau, applauding vigorously, while the girls, utterly astonished at what they were being made to do, gazed about timidly with their big, ox-like eyes.

At last Randolph exhausted his ingenuity in inventing fresh tableaux, and I thought he would at least let the girls put on their clothes. But he did not. He had not yet finished with their naked bodies.

«Now gentlemen,» he said, «if you will go into the corridor I will let you see some young mares race. Some of them are rather fat, but I dare say that I shall be able to make them show their best paces.»

The men, laughing boisterously, trooped out of the room and stationed themselves at intervals on each side of the long, broad corridor.

The races were to be run in heats, the course being from one end of the corridor to the other and back, twice over. Before starting the girls, Randolph got a long, heavy whip, and cracking it in the air, warned them that they had better run as fast as they could. Then, as soon as the first lot were off he took up his position halfway down one side of the corridor and, as the runners dashed past him in the several heats, he flicked the bottom of any girl who appeared not to be exerting herself, the touch of the whip extracting a shrill cry from the victim and making her increase her speed, while a red mark instantly showed on her skin where the end of the lash had fallen.

The men grew excited. They laughed, cheered and betted on the girls as they raced up and down the corridor, their long hair flowing loosely behind them, their marvelous breasts undulating, their bottoms swaying.

After the runners had a rest, there was what Randolph called a «jockey race.» The five strongest girls had to take on their backs the other five girls, who held on by putting their arms round the necks and their legs round the loins of their respective «mounts.» This time the course was once up and down the corridor, and heavy bets were laid by the men on the women they fancied.

The signal to start was given, and the race began. The gentlemen whooped and shouted as they watched the extraordinary sight: five naked women staggering along the corridor as fast as they could, each woman carrying on her back another naked female!

The muscles of the thighs and bottoms of the carriers quivered under the strain, while the legs of the riders were so stretched apart by the position in which they clung to their steeds that the spectators could see the hair in the cleft of the thighs.

And nearly every one of the bottoms was marked either with the prints of Randolph’s fingers, or with the red dot made by the flick of the whip. Two of the girls had both finger marks and whip marks, and, when all was over, only three out of the ten had spotless bottoms.

The men’s eyes gleamed. Their faces were flushed, and I could see that they were all in a state of great sensual excitement. After a close struggle, the race was won by a sturdy young quadroon woman twenty-five years of age, named Eliza, who had carried the youngest of all the girls, a slightly-built, shapely octoroon named Helen, who was only eighteen years old. Then we went back to the drawing room, where the girls were allowed to sit while Randolph told Dinah to give each of them a glass of wine and water.

The poor girls all were very thirsty. Some of them had tears in their eyes, and one or two were rubbing their bottoms. The girls who had been carriers were panting for breath; their bosoms were heaving tumultuously and their naked bodies were moist with perspiration.

As soon as they had recovered their breath, the ten were made to stand in a row with their hands by their sides. Then Randolph said: «Now gentlemen, you will each choose a girl, either for a short time, or for the whole night. You can please yourselves.»

The men, laughing and joking, began to make their selections. In cases where two or three wanted the same girl, the matter was settled by tossing a coin. Rosa was the favorite. Five of the men, including Mr. Harrington, wanted her. Finally the old gentleman, as the senior member of the party, was allowed to take her.

The selections being made, each man, followed submissively by the naked girl whom he had chosen, left the apartment and went upstairs to a bedroom. Randolph and I were left alone. He was very much pleased with his evening’s entertainment.

«Oh, Dolly,» he said, laughing, «what fun it has been. I’ve never had such a game before. I’ll do it again some day or other, and, when I do, every woman in the house shall strip for the races.»

I did not feel at all mirthfully inclined. I had been wretched and uncomfortable throughout the whole proceedings. Moreover the sight of so many bare bottoms, naked bosoms and uncovered «spots» had given me a feeling of disgust—a woman is not excited by seeing the nakedness of other women; at any rate I never am.

«I think it all very horrid and shameful,» I observed. «I don’t care what you think,» he replied. «It pleased me and amused my guests, and that’s all I care about. But it has been very exciting work. I am feeling very randy and my tool is aching from prolonged erection, so I must take the stiffness out of it at once, I will have you sitting down, so as not to crumple your pretty frock.

So saying, he seated himself on a chair and let loose his member, which stood straight up with its red tip uncovered. «Come along, now, Dolly, you know what to do,» he said impatiently.

I did know what to do. Turning my back to him, I raised my petticoats above my waist and pulled open the slit of my drawers as widely as possible, exposing the whole of my bottom. Then, straddling his thighs, with a leg on each side of him, I lowered myself upon his upstanding member, which he guided into its place. The weight of my body forced the weapon up to the hilt in its tender sheath.

Randolph now clasped me round the waist under my clothes, while I, raising myself up and down on my toes, pumped away until the spasm seized me and I felt his hot torrents inundating my insides. Then I lay back panting against his breast.

Presently I got off his lap, pulled my drawers into place and shook my petticoats straight, fearful that some of the men might be coming back at any moment and not wanting to be seen by any of them while I was in so disheveled a state. As it was, I got done just in time. Randolph and I had hardly sat down again before one of the gentlemen made his appearance. He was followed at intervals by others until at last all had reassembled except three, who had elected to stay all night with their girls.

The other girls, after being poked, had been allowed to return to their quarters. Dinah then brought in a tray of liquors and the men refreshed themselves.

Next, everyone sat down to play cards. I slipped out of the room and went to bed, glad to get away from the men, though not one of them had said an improper word to me during the evening.

It was very late—or, to speak more correctly, it was early in the morning—when Randolph came to bed. I was fast asleep, but he woke me by pinching my bottom. In a moment or two he was working away at me.

As I was very tired and sleepy, I did not respond to his movements in the least, so, when he had finished, he said crossly: «Damn it, Dolly, you lay just like a log of wood. What’s the matter with you?»

I said that there was nothing the matter with me; that I was only sleepy.

He then growled out something uncomplimentary, turned his back to me and went to sleep.

I speedily did the same.

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