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Green girls - 17

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).

From Adeline to Paul

Can I be sure that you do not forget me in the big English Capital dear Paul? It seems a century since we parted and several long weeks have passed since I wrote my last letter.

My looks are improving and my adventures continue, only interrupter by great felicity and a few corrections. There are good and bad points in flagellation. You have never tried it. I think you miss a pleasure as well as an active as from a passive point of view. To restore the equilibrium of our minds an extraordinary severity was exercised for several days after the nocturnal feast. Thus the novelty of independence was stifled. The number of composition was increased and exercises that strengthen the body, meals were wisely served and all these things helped us to recover the strength spent in the nocturnal orgy. Surveillance was uninterrupted day and night.

The fixed period during which the Blue Riband was worn had expired and I was again subject to the daily discipline. The necessity of going to bed at half past eight did not trouble me except that it prevents me from meeting Isabelle.

During the few evenings which I passed after the feast, I had seized several opportunities of having an interview with my hot-tempered friend and according as she abandoned her cunt and her arse to my violent caresses I got foolishly fond of her. The passion by which she was governed had passed into my veins and my blood boiled at the mere thought of the bliss which she gave me by the skillful manipulations of her arse.

The wicked girl watched joyfully the progress she made on my senses and, as Angela had predicted, she literally pinned me to her petticoats.

Add day during the recreation, I thought of her secretly and if she smiled at me in a certain way, a lascivious mysterious smile, accompanied by a movement of her hand or her hips to attract my attention to her waist or her back, it would seem that her flesh called mine and a torrent of fire thrilled me through and through. During the time of my permission to go to bed late, our intrigue became more and more intimate and with the exception of my encounters with the Chaplain, I did not think of other sensual pleasure. It was in vain that Nanette tried to get hold of me again. I avoided her under pretext of fatigue or feigned not to understand her. One day shortly after the nocturnal feast, the Chaplain took me to the boudoir behind the sacristy. He complimented me, kissed my lips, set me on his knees and beseeched me to give him my whole confidence, saying that he wished me happiness not only during my sojourn at the boarding school but in after years too, when I married. Tell me whatever you desire, my darling, your old friend will be happy to meet your slightest wish, said he.

A hearty kiss was my thanks for these kind words. Then he stripped me stark naked, even taking off my shoes and stockings. He placed me on the divan and told me to assume different poses, while he undressed himself.

He made me lie down on my back, my head on a level with my body, my legs drawn up and crossed; then I had to stretch my arms over my head, while my legs were well spread; then he made me turn towards the wall, leaning upon one arm while my free hand caressed the furrow between my buttocks and at last I turned on all fours, the arse well up and head level with the ground. By this time he had finished undressing and stood in his turn stark naked before the divan; he slipped his head under my belly and got between my thighs, lifted one of my legs and licked my cunt, my buttocks and my bumhole.

I moved about as I had seen Isabelle do; he got on fire, devoured me with ’feuilles re rose’ and tried to penetrate my maidenhead with his finger. I sighed. I was dying to get hold of his tool. He guessed as much and getting under me placed himself in the charming attitude: of 69. Thus I enabled to suck him. The more I saw of his prick the bigger is seemed to be. I grew however accustomed to it, and when his hand pressed my buttocks, I understood that he wanted to bottom fuck me. I arranged myself in consequence and pushed my bottom towards his thighs; he turned briskly, jumped on my back and penetrated in my bumhole with violent leaps and bounds, which soon made us spend together in ecstasy. He overwhelmed me with caresses and then told me he was going away for several days on urgent business but on his return; he said we should keep up continual intercourse.

Bereft of the Chaplain’s, society, I began, my exclusive attachment to Isabelle. She expected me, no doubt, at this moment, as my soul and my senses only lived upon our luscious combats. She showed alternately periods of indifference and periods of passion, which tormented me cruelty. The heartless girl confirmed her dominion over me and laughed at my distress. When she had not spoken to me the whole day, I wrote the most ardent letters; she locked herself up in the most absolute dumbness and disappeared during the recreations.

She exasperated my senses. I interested myself in nothing but her charms; the most foolish visions flitted before my eyes; day and night I dreamt of her lustful body, her arse rocking and fleeing before my lips.

Then she would come hack, fix a rendez-vous, and in an hour of ecstasy overwhelm me with such intoxicating caresses that everything else faded and I saw nothing but her. I stuck to her petticoats and conscious of her ascendancy, she resolved to carry things to extremities. For a whole wee, she refused me all contact, then one evening during the recreation, she said:

«You would eat my buttocks if I gave them up to you too often, and I want to preserve them. I am proud of their attractions. You are always running after me and you prevent me from satisfying my little friend Marie and others who want me. I am very fond of you because you are my chosen sweetheart, but we must conciliate our fancies. Look here! At present I have taken a fancy to little Clementine and on Saturday night, at midnight, I steal away to her dormitory. I awake her if she is asleep and we enjoy ourselves. This is the day. I’ll take you with me when I pass, and we’ll have a three-handed game.»

«We shall not run a greater risk than we did when I licked your bum coming out of n’100. Besides I want this proof of the strength of your desires.»

She put on so determined an air that I gave way. By committing this fault I shall not offend Nanette and I was not only anxious about Nanette but about Clementine, the impudent little blonde from whose persecutions I, though her senior, had been obliged to flee on more than one occasion. She was more than precocious. She had been debauched by her mother’s maid and nearly violated by the husband of this creature. She figured among the favorites of Fanny and Elsie, and belonged to the Red Girls. She was rather developed in social, accomplished and clever at music and drawing.
Four days after the feast and believing myself alone at the end of the garden, I had just squatted down to piss when I discovered Clementine, who proposed to drink my urine as it purled out.

«You dirty little beast,» cried I, «are you not ashamed to ask such things?»

«Ashamed? Why I like it.»

I had finished and threatened her with informing the mistress if she repeated such a request.

She merely said, «Go, you’ll regret it soon enough.»

Another day she entered the library when I was there. All of a sudden she stooped and slipped her head under my petticoats. Before I had recovered from my surprise, she set her teeth on my buttocks and then rose, saying:

«That’s to teach you to take no notice of me!» Finally a third time she came to my bed at night. She approached my bed, kissed and sucked the tip of my nose and whispered: «You won’t send me away, eh?»

I gave her a push and replied in a low voice: «Be off now or I’ll call Miss Blanch.»

She put out her tongue at me and answered: «You dirty beast, a jade! But I have not given myself trouble for nothing. I’ll find a more amiable companion than you.»

Afterwards, if her eyes spoke, Clementine feigned to treat me with indifference and disdain and now Isabelle demanded that I pay the little devil a visit.

I had promised to do so.

A thousand kisses from


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