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Green girls - 10

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).

From the Same to the Same

Opposite to the council, the three classes took their seats; the little ones on the first row of chairs, then the middle class and at last the elder boarders. I observed that some of the pupils wore a red dress with a cross of honor en their breast. Later on I learned that they belonged to the fraternity of Red Girls. They entered into a league with the school, swearing never to marry but with a husband presented by our mistresses and always to assist at the great feasts of the fraternity.

About eleven wore this dress. Everybody desired it. It was only given to the most meritorious, the most intelligent and the most discreet after a certain time of trial and according to certain rules, about which a thousand curious things were whispered. In this assembly of pupils, brought up on such principles, the most profound silence prevailed.

Two young girls of the middle class appeared before the High Council: Marie Rougemont and another by the name of Desiree Brocart. The latter has been surprised in the water closet enjoying solitary pleasures.

Marie appeared dressed in a long white nightgown, hanging down to her feet, and with disheveled hair. Her hands were tied behind her back. She was placed standing before the Council and the Chaplain said:

«We know of the disgraceful act you have committed and shall not mention it here. Your fault cannot be overlooked. Before we define the punishment we desire to hear what you have to say in your defense.»

The blood mounted into my head, I was so excited. I suffered from sleeplessness; different thoughts troubled me the whole day. I feared I should fall ill, if I had not done that which you reproach me with. I am sorry for it and I accept the penance you will inflict upon me. I shall not grumble, but I am afraid I cannot prevent myself from doing it again and I prefer to confess immediately, at the same time beseeching, you to be indulgent in the future.

«For this we condemn you to flagellation with the rod and to be whipped with a switch three days running before you go to bed. You will be separated one: month from your schoolfellows and a fortnight from your great friend.»

«Oh I beseech you, do not insolate me for such a long time.»

«Besides, we condemn your friends Isabelle to flagellation with the cat-o- nine-tails, which she shall suffer at your side. The judgment is final.»

At these words Isabelle Parmentier was introduced in the same attire as Marie. They were placed opposite to one another, tied to a chair; their nightgowns were gathered up and pinned to their shoulders. It fell to my lot to flog Isabelle while Miss Nanette punished Marie.

A fresh bottom offered itself to my contemplation, a nervous one with round, projecting buttocks and a furrow well marked at the top and below where a thicket of black mir appeared.

Isabelle, who by her slender size conveyed the impression of being but a child, presented when thus Seen limbs of no common vigor, her well developed calves attracted notice to the beautiful legs and blameless magnificent slops to her loins, while her exquisite shoulders and the projection of her night gown betrayed firm and bold breasts.

As I became more experienced, I began to enjoy the flogging. However, pretty it might be, Isabelle’s arse received as well as Eva’s, plenty of cuts with the scourge. She did not cry, but started now and then, in contrast to Marie who screamed loudly at each lash of the switch. Immediately after this execution, Desiree Brocard entered, dressed like her two predecessors. She carried a chamber pot in her hand. The sight was so droll that whole assembly burst out laughing which produced a blush on her cheeks.

They made her sit down on the sofa and the chamber pot was placed on the stool beside her. Miss Nanette put a looking glass into the vessel. Then the Chaplain said:

«My dear child, Filthiness is a very nice thing, but there arc places more convenient for appreciating the charms and sweetness of it than that in which you took refuge. As your fault is positively personal, it does not entail other consequences upon your great friend, that of being obliged to flog you herself. Your punishment will be more moral than effective. This charming recipient shall be put on your head and you will receive twelve slaps from Diana de Verson’s pretty hands. For eight days you will take your meals at the end of the table, and this little furniture will be placed beside your dishes to remind you of the place you amuse yourself. After your flagellation you shall take a walk through the three classes, your pot in your hands and you must bring it back, whether it is full or not, to clean it with the looking glass. The hilarity became general even among the members of the Council and Desiree blushed, quite beside herself with shame and bashfulness. The pot was put on her head and her friend Diana slapped her, crying:

«That’s for you, naughty girl, shame on you? Is it permitted to shut one’s self up in such a shameful place when one can have such nice company? Dirty little wench! Next time, I’ll ask our mistress to break our friendship.»

«Oh, no, Diana, I’ll never do it again. Slap harder if you like but do forgive me!» Her walk with the pot completed the mirth. Almost all the little one pretended to be in need of it and almost all of them sent some trickling drops into the vase. The others showed more decency. Nevertheless the pot was filled. It was brought to the Chaplain, who taking it into his hands, looked at the culprit and said:

«What would you think if I ordered you to drink it?»

Desiree cried silently. He continued:

«If I did so, it would seem as if I approved the villainous act of which you are guilty. I might also command it to be poured over your body and condemn you to stay in the dirt a whole night. You merit such a filthy punishment, but I dispense with it. Clean the pot and don’t sin again.

The punishment done, they proceeded to the recompenses.

The Pink Riband was assigned to Miss Nanette Cafferal for exemplary conduct. She was a blonde of seventeen years. Admitted into the confraternity of Red Girls. Angela de Noirmont to her bland character, her attachment to her mistress, and her assistance in removing difficulties among the pupils. There were several others who received compensations.

Afterwards the Chaplain made a little speech of congratulations and Miss Juliette said some word also, after which all of us, except the Mistresses and the Red Girls left the hall of corrections.

Now, dear Paul, you know everything about my entrance at the Misses Geraud’s. Await patiently another series of letters, which will inform you of all my experiences. I shall not conceal any of my adventures from you. It is delightful to tell you about them. If you are deprived of carnal pleasures in London, I wish you to enjoy them at least in imagination with me. A thousand kisses from


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