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Green girls - 6

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).

Adeline to Paul

I keep my promise, my dear, to write you all my thoughts as well as my adventures I have cried a good deal over your departure and also when they led me away. The Abbot has not been kind although, I confess, it was he who received me in his room and taught me all tile pretty things I know now. But he did not intervene for me. However, he recommended this boarding house, and for that I am obliged to him.

After the first words spoken by Miss Juliet Geroud when we were alone, I understood that our parents had a very happy idea when they sent me here.

«Miss Adeline,» she said, «we are not ignorant of the cause to which we are indebted for the pleasure of counting you among our pupils. Our system of education differs in an important degree from that which is carried out everywhere else, and if you will be reasonable, I have the hope that you will enjoy your sojourn at our establishment. Generally the pupils who have entered here have committed faults like yours. We correct them in the eyes of the world by a quite benevolent proceeding. But we demand absolute silence as to the management of our school. Will you be discreet, and we will then affect a reconciliation with your family.»

I must tell you that Miss Juliette is a handsome woman of, thirty, a charming brunette with a delicate complexion and that she does not at all remind one of the ogress I had imagined.

«You are intelligent,» she continued. «Your good conduct will reward us for all we shall do for you. The system of punishment employed in our house (which is prohibited in France is flagellation of different degrees, according to the nature of the fault. It is for you not to deserve it. To accustom the fresh pupils to this idea, the last arrival has charge of applying it at each week’s tribunal. By your age and knowledge, you belong in the middle class. We unite the classes by an affectionate link by which the pupils always benefit. I shall introduce you to Miss Angele of the first class who will be your great friend. Each senior pupil is thus attached to one of the middle class and takes in addition into her care one of the junior class.»

Miss Juliette opened the door and I saw Miss Angele, a fair golden-haired girl of seventeen, very pretty and coquettish, smiling; she embraced me tenderly and said:

«Come, my dear, and get acquainted with your future friends and mistress.»

There was no end to my astonishment. My mistress, Miss Blanche Delorme, a charming red-haired girl of twenty, received me in the most amiable manner and pulling my ear, said: «My darling, I only wish to be content with your work, and you will not have to complain of me. I have been Angele’s great friend when she belonged to the middle class and I have been so happy about my education.»

Angele introduced me to all her friends, including the little Elizabeth, to whom I was to be the little sister. All received me kindly. Among them was a Miss Mannette Courtelin, a brunette of twenty-two with fiery eyes and a devilish manner; Miss Lucienne de Herbollien, mistress of the first class, a sentimental blonde of twenty-four, an ideal creature to devour with caresses. I foresaw happiness and reveled in joy. In my next letter you shall have an account of my alliances and adventures.


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