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Green girls - 19

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).

From the Same to the Same

The Chaplain’s return freed me from the disgrace in which I lived.

Isabelle’s behavior irritated me the more because, knowing me separated from Angela and cognizant of the desire with which Isabelle inspired me, Marie had proposed that we should exchange our great friend on condition that I favored as much as possible the pleasures of which she was fond.

Isabelle refused, pretending that she could learn no more from an intrigue with me, and that she preferred to keep Marie.

My friendship then fell upon Eve Phillips, the pretty blonde whom I flogged at the first séance.

We had been friends for some time, and she was delighted at my choice.

Eve Phillips had no room of her own and this circumstance coupled with the exercises which I was enabled to do, delayed the definite adjustment of our league. Eve was what is called a bookworm.

She had entered upon her seventeenth year and it was generally supposed that her education accomplished, she would decide to stop at the school as third superintendent; this would render possible an augmentation of the number of pupils. She had entered the school at the age of twelve, for a business like ours. Later on her father and mother died, leaving her a small fortune of £1600. A bachelor uncle had been appointed her guardian. He was a Captain in the Navy and being at sea all the year round, was content to leave Eve with the Misses Geraud. Her brother, her senior by two years, often called to see her.

Forgive me all these particulars. But I want you to like my new friend. Speaking of her brother, we came to speak of you. I need say no more.

As soon as he returned, the Chaplain asked to see met and he closely questioned me about the report of my late offense against the rules. With him I was sincere; I confessed the whole truth and asked him not to recur again to this adventure which had caused me such hard requital. I told him about Isabelle’s hateful behavior which did not surprise him and I assured him I bore no malice for the severity with which I had been treated.

He insisted on going at once to Juliette. She frowned but she listened to the confession which the Chaplain wanted to disclose on account of the injustice but he made her promise beforehand that she must forget it and no punishment must take place. After she heard it, she scolded me earnestly because I had allowed myself to be beguiled and then forgave me. «Don’t trouble yourself about it,» said she. «Isabelle won’t know that I am aware of her complicity. Don’t attach yourself to this dangerous child. Alas! She is sure to make her way in the gallant world; she will probably be one of those who will forget us in a few years. This oblivion is the best we can hope for.»

«And if these ungrateful creatures speak?

«Our public annotations will defend us. They are designated as hysterics, suffering from hallucinations. Nobody will doubt our good faith. The Chaplain took occasion of this interview to ask for my admittance into the Red Girls.»

«Yes,» said my mistress, «I promise you she shall belong to the confraternity before the Next Offices.»

That will do! I rejoined my schoolfellows during the recreation and went up to Eve who looked at me with angelic sweet eyes.

She took me in her arm and whispered:

«Oh we shall love each other dearly.»

«Oh, yes» I answered.

The three united classes were playing at long skipping rope. Clementine was there having resumed her place among her companions. Passing near me, she threw herself about my neck and kissed me tenderly.

By way of contrast Isabelle returned as this very moment, smiled scornfully and said to Eve: «Your new friend does not renounce her accomplice; you will derive satisfaction from her friendship, I daresay.»

«Everybody is not of your giddy disposition.»

«What nonsense!»

«Whom did you not forsake?»

«You are all fools!»

«Thank you for your kind judgment.»

Isabelle shrugged her shoulders and ran after Eulalie who from behind had blindfolded her eyes to make her guess by whom she was addressed.

Looking hard at me, Isabelle cried:

«With this friend, at least, one is not tempted to be giddy.»

Eulalie Pierre, a brunette with lively eyes, had a very boyish figure. She displeased me and it jarred upon me to see her so free and easy with Isabelle.

They ran about the whole courtyard. Then Eulalie threw herself between Eve and me and suffered herself to be taken by my late sweetheart who laughingly struck her buttocks from above the petticoats.

«Adeline,» said Eulalie, «is it true that you like people to piss upon you?»

I blushed scarlet, and stood disconcerted.

Isabelle kissed her, saying: «How stupid to say such things.»

I was very angry. I had a mind to box her ears but hesitated then I replied: Some people lay at the doors of others, their own faults and cultivating the society of certain friends they grow as dirty as they are:

«Is that meant as a hint for me,» interposed Isabelle.

«Those the cap fits, let them wear it.»

«Don’t give yourself airs!» She returned.

Isabelle almost hated me and altogether without reason.

The class was divided into two camps, some of the pupils sided with Isabelle who proclaimed war against me, the others took my part. This amused me immensely.

They served me some nasty tricks such as calling me Miss Urine and placing a diminutive chamber pot on my desk. I didn’t care for that.

Isabelle wanted me to pay dearly for the passion I had for her body. This feeling did not diminish; I concealed it, that was all. By this immovable calm I regained the affection of my mistresses.

One evening as I was about to go to bed, Elsie Robert came to fetch me. Fanny wanted me to keep her company.

This honour had not yet fallen to my lot and I was delighted. Athenais Carrafel, Josephe de Brancier, Mr. Camille Gaudin and Dr. Bernard were there. The Misses Geraud had their set of rooms, allowing them to amuse themselves at pleasure without disturbing one another.

Fanny’s drawing room with fine looking glasses was one sea of light. On my entering with Elsie the voluptuous scenes were about to begin.

Athenais and Joseph were sitting on the knees of the doctor pulling his mustachios and laughing as if they were mad; he had his arm around them and kissed their lips in turn.

Mr. Gaudin, Isabelle’s friend, had an intimate intercourse with Fanny, whose beaming eyes betrayed a burning sensual desire.
Fanny called me and said:

«My dear, you’ll begin your apprenticeship as a Red Girl; en attendant, you must show us that you are equally fond of all sensual pleasures. Don’t refuse anything and nothing will be refused you. Do you understand?»

«That is so anticipate my most ardent desires.»

«Is she not charming? I’ll introduce you to a gentleman who has heard of your talent for gamahuching. He asks to become acquainted with your art. Excel yourself and you will not regret it.»

I was overcome with emotion. M. Gaudin asked me to call him Camille. He led me to a divan, made me kneel between his legs and offered me his cock to suck.

It was a prick of the middle size, rather long and pointed at the nut. This kind of member is said to designate the best man.

Having taken off his breeches, Isabelle’s protector, shoed me his belly covered with thick black hair and his big, heavy balls under which he placed my hands.

He pressed my head to invite me to take his tool between my lips and as I began to suck it at first, between my fingers as if I were milking.

I accelerated the movements, engulfed his prick to the hilt and then let it out again; his leaps and bounds told me that I succeeded in the game.

I amused myself with keeping the nut on the edge of my lips for a moment; I clasped it between my teethe, looking maliciously into his face.

He gave me an affectionate rap on the cheek and whispered:

«Go on, go on, you little coaxer. No pupil ever sucked me as well as you. I am tired of Isabelle and her fiddle-de-dee and I shall replace her by Athenais or Josephe.»

«But neither of them is in possession of the diabolic art of your favorite.»

«But they’ll get it. Look at Athenais-look and see if she does not know how to make herself appreciated.»

With her petticoats over her arms and her body leaning forward, Athenais abandoned her buttocks to Elise, who from time to time gave them an elegant little slap. They were standing before Fanny who, her thighs in the air, was frigging her own clitoris.

«Besides,» continued Camille, «if the nervous buttocks have their charm, the plump and full arses are even more attractive. Fanny’s arse is worth ten times more than Isabelle’s. But you, you little rogue, will you continue.»

Camille had recalled to my mind Fanny’s plump posteriors and I immediately thought of comparing the satisfaction I should fell upon them to what I had felt with Isabelle.

How to manage it? I hurried on my sucking in order to get away and my haste betrayed me.

He guessed I had some particular scheme in view and said: «We shall meet again my darling, now I’ll attack Athenais; go and satisfy your own desires little one!»

The opportunity was better than I could have expected. Lying on her full length on the divan, Fanny, her hand on her mount, was contemplating the doctor, who had teased Josephe while he smiled to Elise Robert, and Athenais, who were whipping each other.

I came secretly up to her, knelt down and suddenly pressed my lips to her cunt.

She trembled all over and slipped on her buttocks which I managed to get in my hands. She twisted her arms around my neck and then threw herself backwards. I devoured her with ninettes.

Of what a fire, what a passion, what a difference from all that I had ever caressed. I never should have imagined it and I asked myself, how was it that I had not yet relished this rapture? Fanny, she was indeed a staid woman in the flower of age, appreciating voluptuousness and inoculating you with it as by infection.

My lips inhaled the luscious draughts of her cunt. My lips were glued to her quim, the point of my tongue slipped into her cunt and ravaged the surroundings, multiplying itself in kisses and prolonged suckings. By and by, I lowered my head and my tongue caressed the root of her buttocks. Fanny raised her legs more and more! Her thighs and arse appeared at the end of the divine slit. My breath became rattling. Fanny guessed at what mark I aimed; with a sudden movement, she turned around and presented me her whole fundament.

It was not Isabelle’s flexible nervous arse trembling in licentious contortions, yet it was a poem of grace, pliability and majesty which stirred a thousand lascivious desires in my soul. I felt it shiver and tremble. It raised and grew excited under my feuilles de rose. I imparted some of my passion to it and it began the movements of which I was so fond, it opened, contracted, responded, displaying the most frantic arabesques and in the midst of all this we died away in an agony of delight.

Oh, Paul, what a night of amatory delights and amatory combats! One lives it all over again in the description. A big kiss from


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