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Green girls - 7

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).

From Same to Same

Here I am, Dear Paul, introduced into real boarding school life, and at present I know a great many things of which I was ignorant before. I shall not conceal them from you.

The second night at the pension, half and hour before dinnertime, I saw my friend Angele enter and whisper to my mistress, Miss Blanche, who was reading. She called me.

«I want you to keep her company,» she said. «You may follow Angeline.» I perceived that the eyes of my little companion were beaming with mischief as I went away with her. We went to Angele’s room, pretty and well furnished. She invited me to sit down on her bed beside her and looked at me with such tender expression in her eyes that I sighed and threw my arms about her neck. She emitted a sweet perfume which charmed me and what without having a clear understanding of what I did, I pressed my lips to hers. «Tell me,» she said, «did you allow yourself to be surprised while amusing yourself at home?»

«Yes,» I replied, «and you?»

«I, too, was found out but it was long ago. I was eleven years old, much younger than you and I entered the lower class when I came here.»

«With whom did you amuse yourself?»

«With my cousin, Helene,» replied Angeline.

«But can girls amuse themselves with one another?»

«Oh, yes, and pretty well, too, I can assure you.» She kept me clasped to her bosom and I felt my heart throbbing. Then she slipped her hands under my petticoats to the opening of my drawers. I did not resist. A crowd or desire dinned my ears. She raised my shift and frigged me in a delightful manner while our lips were glued to one another.

During all these delightful diversions, I forgot to reflect on the danger of being surprised a second time.

«You are hot natured,» she said. «You’ll get many friends in school" she smiled, withdrew her hands from my thighs, tucked up her skirts and thus exposed a little tuft of hair to my admiring eyes, besides a coquettish wanton slit, craving for a kiss; she showed me the fairness of her belly and putting her finger on her navel, said:

«Kiss me there.»

I obeyed, my head all on fire. I applied a big kiss on the pretty mark. The sight of her thighs fascinated me. I bent over her, inhaling the effluvia of her body. She caressed my hair with her fingers while my face was glued to her silken skin. My cheeks became hot and red with intoxicating emotion. I felt her draw backwards as my tongue happened to touch her slit. She started and said:

«Go on a little quicker that we may have time to spend.»

I understood and licked, licked with a frantic passion believing myself transferred to heaven. She wriggled her arse while I fondled with my hands, and all of a sudden she moistened my whole face. She spent, twisting herself as in a cramp and I did the same.

She arose quickly ran to her dressing table and we were just washing ourselves when the bell rang for dinner.

«My darling,» said Angeline, «You have just received the baptism of love and you are now my little friend. Do not wonder at anything. Submit with docility to the punishments. Speak to nobody of the scenes you witness, and you will consider this establishment a real Olympus on earth.»

We went downstairs and each took our seats at the table. The four mistresses dined with their pupils. Miss Blanche who was already at her place, smiled and asked me:

«Have you repeated your lessons before your great friend?»

«She has given me one which I shall never forget.» My answer pleased her, and looking at me with very bright eyes, she said:

«You are a clever girl; try to prove so in everything.»

I sat down and my neighbor to the right, Marie Rougemont, a curly haired brunette of fourteen who has her bed beside mine in the dormitory, helped me to some soup, saying:

«Did you know what Angeline confided to you?» Guessing that the same friendly bond united all the pupils of the middle class to those of the first one, I answered:

«Who is your great friend?»

«Isabelle Parmenties, the best pianist in the school, the little auburn thing sitting next to Mrs. Lucienne.»

«What a dear little wench.»

«Yes, but a wench with strong nerves; she is sixteen years old and not afraid of remonstrating against all the seniors; she is a perfect devil»

After dinner, which is served at half past seven, we have a semi-recreation in the drawing room till half past eight; the senior boarders read or occupied with some fancy work, which they continue after bedtime. The clock always strikes half past eight too soon, but as sleep is close to our heels, we go to bed without much regret. We, the boarders of the middle class, sleep in two rooms of seven beds each. Miss Blanche has her room beside our dormitory and she leaves her door open all night. Two lanterns light the room.

We have to undress in silence, while our mistresses walk too and fro, inspecting the different particulars of our toilet. We undress behind the curtains, which are raised towards the foot of the bed and form a little room or chamberette, as they say in French. The mistress gives us the signal to turn into’ bed by clapping her hands, and after a few minutes, returns at last to her own room.

That night she had scarcely left us, when my curtains moved and I caught sight of the head of Marie Rougemont, who with a finger on her lips signed to me not to speak or make a noise.

I did not move, and awaited the adventure, which I knew must be coming. Marie advanced cautiously, entered into the free space between the curtain and my bed, stooping down, inspected the dormitory to see if she risked being surprised. Miss Blanche’s room was opposite to my bedstead.

She looked toward this room and having heard the rustling noise of the mistress turning in bed, she approached, kissed my lips, and said:

«Turn and show me your bottom. I should like to lick it. I have a great liking that way, and you must have a pretty one, since men used to amuse themselves with it.»

Our legend increased. It was no longer one man, but they attributed to me, men. I never thought of rectifying her mistake, my mind was all occupied on the luscious pleasure; turned according to her wish, raised my sheet and nightgown and presented her with my already boiling buttocks.

Oh, what skill, my dear! You cannot imagine how artfully she proceeded. She did not tell me a lie when she said she loved bums.
She began by framing it with her arms, applying sometimes one, sometimes the other cheek on each buttock; she then pinched her nose by gradually opening and stretching the furrow with her finger; she tried to penetrate as deep as possible, just as you did the first time, then she stopped, rose an tip-toe, and caressed it with the tip of her firm bubbies; at last she kissed it tenderly and then licked the whole furrow, sighing and trembling more and more violently. In her felicity she forgot to be prudent.

The bed creaked under our voluptuous movements and all of a sudden the shell burst, the curtains opened and Miss Blanch appeared. Without saying a word, she put her hand on Marie’s shoulders and then whispered in a low voice:

«This is very naughty, Marie; you might awaken your companions and cause them to commit the same folly. You are culpable doubly, because you have addressed yourself to a fresh pupil, who does not know the rules. Dress and follow me to the room of correction! Tomorrow you will have to appear before Miss Fanny. You, Adeline, ought to have repelled your neighbor’s propositions. You have-not done so and deserve a correction. For this once you will sustain the simple flogging without appearing before the tribunal. Tomorrow you will have to accompany me to the headmistress.»

I was terrified. Marie dressed without making a single protestation and went away with Miss Blanche. I turned from one side to another for a long while. Exhaustion however, at last got the best of me and I fell asleep. Next time I will tell you of my further experience.

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