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Green girls - 3

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).


The priest was a prudent man. When the child was gone he considered the dangers to which he had exposed himself, if she made a habit of these nightly escapades.

Retaining her the next day after lessons, he therefore displayed his magisterial mien, chilling her feline temptations and encouraged her in nothing improper. When he was about to leave her, he said

«You committed an imprudence last night. Don’t begin again without my permission. Otherwise I shall be compelled to suspend our little amusements. You are a clever girl. Remember, to preserve our happiness, we must hide it from every living soul»

«You may be assured, sir, that I’ll die rather than betray our secret.»

Like most men, the priest possessed a great deal of personal restraint. It was a few months after the first meeting that he asked for a second one.

Adeline frigged him, sucked him, and let him titillate her cunt and bubbies; he dreamt of bottom fucking her in order to get into her soft childish body without running the risk of getting her with child. He said: If you can be very careful to make no noise, my door shall be open tonight and I shall expect you.» With a misty look, she replied, «Oh, yes, I’ll take care, nobody shall surprise us. If necessary I shall hide under your bed and nobody will think of looking there for me.» She was promising, Miss Mirzan.

In his own room, the priest inspected minutely his mattresses and ascertained that nothing creaked and thus risked to denounce him on account of his violent movements. He went to bed stark naked.
At the same hour as before, Adeline arrived. He held out his hand and soon got hold of Adeline’s arm which she extended before her to feel her way. He drew her to his breast and swiftly directed his hand to her bosom to caress her breasts. The little things had developed; it was a delight for him to feel them he approached his lips to suck them, and the impudent wench undid her shift and let it fall to the ground with her petticoat.

At the same time she bent over the priest to facilitate her suckings and her hand wandered all over his body, shivering at the contact with these masculine nudities. Interrupting her little voyage of discovery, he seized her head and glued his lips to hers.

Their sighs were mingled together, their tongues thrust in and out of their respective mouths. She tore herself free from the delight of this voluptuousness to suck his prick while she left her arse to the priest’s manipulations.

He restrained none of his passionate desires.

Having caressed her dorsal spine he commenced to feel her buttocks, which contracting under his touch and then projecting forward, incited him to take a thousand liberties with the child. He thrust his middle finger within her buttocks and introduced it softly into the bum hole to prepare it for the act he had planned.

Adeline wriggled her back from time to time to suspend the action because of the sudden pain it gave her, but she immediately resumed her position, fearing that she had offended him, and she engulfed the whole of his prick in her mouth. She pushed her tongue under his balls with the smartness of a debauchee and raised them by intermittent shoves quickening her actions more and more.

He had got in about half of his middle finger and opening her thighs, began to frig her cunt with his thumb. Seeing that she had become accustomed to the thing he stopped, and bringing his lips to her, kissed them. Priapus throbbed violently against her belly. He pushed her gently away, sat up and placing her on his thighs, whispered:

«Do you want us to be made quite happy?»

«Oh, yes, how?»

«Turn your back to me and I’ll put it into your bottom. Thus we won’t run the risk of making a baby in you and enjoy one another as lovers.»

«Oh, I’ll like that.»

«You won’t scream if you suffer pain in the beginning?»

«I’ll put a handkerchief in my mouth to stifle my screams.»

Children very soon make progress in the matter of lasciviousness, and so for that matter, do grown up people.

Sitting on the bed, one pressed against the other, kissing, caressing, fondling one another, they sighed and with great difficulty made up their minds to part in order to hasten the end of the sweet encounter.

She new perfectly well that she would have to leave as soon as she discharged and she still wanted to amuse herself. On his part, the priest put off everything to the last moment also.

He lifted her up, brought her arse over his face, and devouring it with his tongue, spat on the orifice to facilitate his proceedings. His hands pressed her thighs and stretching back her arms, Adeline caressed his head while she moved up and down in order to be well licked.

With her feet she touched his cock and frigged it very skillfully. Feeling that it was coming to a stand, he laid her down on the bed and directed his prick to the orifice she presented to him. She did not stir any more than a lifeless body. He hesitated, thrust in his finger once more, and then applied his knob, in the bottom of his heart dreading some unforeseen event which might interrupt the lustful proceedings.

With a brief movement of her hands, she spread her buttocks; widening her bum hole with his fingers, his nut slipped in. She started, but prevented him from drawing back. He pushed on, the knob entered. She twitched her bottom and bent forward. He hurried on his attack. The knob had opened his way. His prick got in and their movements became delightfully simultaneous and rhythmic. She did not fall when the crisis came. She spent at the same time he did, pressing to her back with both hands.

For a minute they remained glued to one another; then he drew his prick out of the burning oven and declared their interview at an end. He advised her to pass by the w. c. as she had just taken a clyster to get rid of every trace of what had happened.

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