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Green girls - 16

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).

From the Same to the Same

After the mazurka, Nanette carried me off for another waltz and said: «Oh, I’ll wager that you had a scene with Isabelle.» I did not answer and she went on: «Don’t fear, I’ll do her no harm. One cannot control one’s fancies and in spite of her malicious and changeable character, she is a nice girl. Personal affections do not include voluptuous desires. Blanch tells me you have given her the dildoe. Will you give it to me, too?»

«To be sure, whenever you like.»

«Even if Isabelle put a spoke in our wheel?»

«She is but a pupil and you are a mistress.»

«That’s no answer, my dear; pleasure alone should inspire your heart.»

«I would like it; have I not already enjoyed your body!»

«That’s better. You’ve a great deal of natural discretion. Always act on the spur of your personal fancies.»

«An idea has puzzled me very much for a while.»

«Which, please?»

«Are not the little ones dangerous?»

«No, they are well trained, well managed and they know they will lose the opportunity of amusing themselves, if they tell tales. Three fourths of them do not leave the school during the holidays for their parents ate afraid they will recommence the fault for which they were brought here.»

«It cannot be the Misses Geraud who founded the school; they are too young, are they not?»

«They have only had for five years. They bought it of the Chaplain’s sister who retired, because she grew too excited; at that time Miss Juliette had the management of the upper class.»

«I thought as much.»

Suddenly my look became haggard and following the direction of my eyes, Nanette couldn’t help smiling. «Are you jealous?» whispered she.

«No, oh no! But I think that is going it rather far.»

I had just seen that Lisa Carrin was kneeling between the Chaplain’s thighs with his prick in her mouth. The sentimental Lucienne d’Herbollien was standing beside him, her skirt tucked up, abandoning herself to his titillations, while he with half shut eyes and thick lips panted like a man who is on the verge of spending.

At this moment the evolution of the waltz carried me towards the piano and my eyes met Isabelle’s. She indicated with an ironical look the group of the Chaplain and his two accomplices. I confess that in spite of the answer I had given Nanette, I was overcome with a fit of jealousy. The dance was almost over. This waltz terminated the first part of the feast. It was time for supper.

Encouraged by the mistresses, excesses were going on everywhere. Before the scenes in view, Nanette gave some details concerning the mysteries of the house.

Fanny Geraud was very fond of women and her greatest passion, her dearest and most tender friend, her particular sweetheart, happened to be Elise Robert, whose violet Lisbian temper excited and stirred her. The two women often slept together living like husband and wife, and from time to time added zest to their pleasure by taking one or two of the little ones between them.

Juliette had as a set off a real lover. She received frequent visits from the husband of an ancient pupil who had been her favorite when she had the management of the upper class and their relations had continued at the festivals of the Red Girls.

Lucienne d’Herbollien, the sentimental beauty, was of a very lascivious temper and sought especially sexual intercourse with Nannette; but she did not neglect some of her pupils, amongst whom were mentioned Isabelle and Josepha de Brougier. At the name of Isabelle, Nannette did not fail to cry:

«You see, one is sure to hit upon her everywhere!»

The last measures of the waltz were played and she ceased her communications. I examined swiftly the whole of the room; the amorous fever was perceptible in every corner. Everybody spoke in a low voice; no noise was heard and people gathered in groups to gratify their sensual lust.

Elsie Roberts had Juliette on her knees their tongues were billing and cooing in each other’s mouths. Perceiving Marie Rougemont occupied with Anne Flavaud’s bum, Juliette cried: Marie, I offer you mine as you are so fond of them. She stretched herself across Elsie’s thighs, tucking up her petticoats behind, and happy, proud of the permission, Marie showered down her most graceful caresses upon Juliette’s pretty arse. As Elsie was sitting on a couch Blanche got up beside her and standing before her presented her cunt, wanting ’des ninettes.’

Clementine de Buroof, a slender blonde of eleven, rather tall for her age, looking almost naked in her apology of dress, went from group to group, titillating, getting titillated, bold, shameless, tucking up rebellious skirts, asking now here, now there, for a suckeress, and somebody fond of caressing arses. Extravagant and foolish as she was, she ran away as soon as some one was going to satisfy her to address some one else.

Angela, my great friend was together with Georgette Pascal while hugging one another with their hands strayed down between each other’s thighs.

If Isabelle had shown me the Chaplain, Liza Carrin and Lucienne in a scoffing manner, I might have taken my revenge by calling her attention to Mr. Gaudin, who was occupied with a pupil of my class, Marguerite Dechelles, a brunette of thirteen, tall, vigorous, rather, but very graceful, very womanlike, with well developed buttocks of which he seemed very fond no doubt by way of contrast to Isabelle’s.

Fanny clapped her hands and everybody ceased as though by enchantment. Supper was ready. The meal was served in the refectory. Besides the usual three lengthwise tables there was a fourth placed crosswise so as to preside over the other three. This was the table of honour.

As the nocturnal feast was given in my request I took my seat between the Chaplain and Angela. This part of the feast was very delightful. The table being splendidly laid with flowers, confectionery and no end of wax candles increased the general joy. Some of the pupils waited on table under the direction of Georgette. The attendance left nothing to be desired.

«Well, my little friend,» said the Chaplain, «are you enjoying yourself?»

«I have danced a great deal,» answered I bluntly.

He took my chin in his hand and asked: «There are no painful thoughts concealed behind this pretty forehead, I hope?»

Indeed I must confess that I was crestfallen.

«You little flirt,» added he, in a low voice. «Tonight I leave you to your pleasures; don’t refuse yourself the gratification of your fancies; the advantages of this feast, a real Saturnalia I assure you consists in the fact that the pupils turn mistresses. We shall meet later on to fix our divine relations, my dear.»

On sitting down to supper, Miss Juliette had made the following speech:

«My dear children! We only wish you joy and happiness, I recommend you to avoid noisy fun so that we may not regret neither our kindness nor the confidence we have in your discretion. After supper, every caprice is allowed. You go to bed noiselessly and without disorder at midnight your mistresses give the signal. Now, help yourself to what is on the table like reasonable people and you will encourage us to repeat these feasts.
The description of the meal can have no charm for you, dear Paul, so I’ll skip it. It lasted for more than an hour, Afterwards we scattered to all sides. The flower of the party remained in the ballroom.»

«I, too,» went there. Marie, my best classmate, said in the name of several of her companions. «My dear Adeline, we are indebted to you for this feast. Be so kind as to amuse yourself with us for some minutes in order that we may give you proof of our sincere friendship. Command and we will give you the caresses you ask. Would you like me to begin by your arse?»

«All of you? But that will take the whole night.»

«Oh, no,» cried Lenore; «let us go upstairs; it will go on swimmingly in the dormitory.» No sooner said than done. In an instant the petticoats were tucked up and I could admire a charming collection of thighs and buttocks. Squatting down behind me, Marie took possession of my arse.

I abandoned myself to the fun as in a delirium. I fingered the first, the second, the third and so on. I received and gave caresses in abundance and growing more and more agitated by the game, we knelt down behind each other, kissing and liking each other’s arse and cunt.

The creaking of steps on the staircase dispersed us like a brood of startled ducklings The grown up people had left the drawing room; that is to say that the pupils great and small-not all, however; for some of them’ had. Been carried away to their rooms reserved to the Board of Directors used their own discretion.

We thought of nothing but amatory delights.

Isabelle was spending with upturned eyes under the ninettes of Bertha Lytton.

Two of the little ones, both precocious and immature children were wriggling, ostentatiously in the midst of the room, surrounded by an inciting crowd.

They formed the figure 69, Angela, one of the spectators, directed the combat of the two children, who enjoying their mutual caresses, only stopped to throw out a. casual remark to the bystanders.

Athenais Caffarel came up to me saying: Will you accompany me?
I was on the point of accepting when Isabella disengaging herself from Bertha, rushed forward and interposed in the most bullying manner: «I have asked her before you!»

«How could I know that,» replied Athenais. «I won’t give way.»

«Adeline is my sweetheart and in this capacity she belongs to me rather than to anybody else. Is this true, Adeline?» Interrogated Athenais.

«Yes,» replied I. «Isabelle and I have come to an agreement but I don’t refuse you for that.»

«But I want you to refuse,» cried Isabelle harshly. «Oh, what manners,» said Athenais. «She does not belong to you and before all she is the favorite of the Chaplain and he will be vexed if you monopolize her like that.»

«Don’t meddle in the affairs of others. I do what I like; I’ll show you, if you run after her.»

I did not know where to look during this discussion. I found my friend and myself very ridiculous.

Isabelle seized me by the arm and dragged me along with her to the dormitory. She had no room of her own.

«Why did you not refuse?» Said she.

«I did not know that the fact of my being your sweetheart excludes me from all other pleasures. You can’t be in earnest, why not enjoy all kinds of amatory delights.»

«Because I want your caresses and you won’t give them to me.»

«Well, now we are together, let us profit by the occasion.»

«You are enervated; you will not caress me well.»

«You are a funny creature. Don’t let us chat but act.»

«You know what I like?»

«Yes, you told me the first time. You like to get your arse tongued; Marie has given you taste for that. Indeed you merit that I lavish my caresses upon it after what you have done. Nevertheless it is so sweet, so pretty, so excitable, that I am dying to tongue it.»

She jumped on the bed, tucked up her petticoats and showed me the subject.

The heat emanating from it penetrated all my pores and I determined to excel myself in caressing it.

I got more and more experience at this game. After the respects I had rendered the arse of Nanette and the caresses I had received myself from Marie and others, I began to appreciate the voluptuous charm of those pretty twins and I really believe that I was on the point of catching my friend’s passion. When I had Isabelle’s pretty dumplings before my eyes and beard her whisper in a low voice that she was longing for my ardent endearments. I contemplated them for a minute and then began to caress them with the palm of my hand. My heart leapt within me.

Isabelle was lying on her side and presented me three fourths of her bottom.

She understood by the pressure of my hand and my pushing her a little more forward that I wanted to approach my face to the blooming plumpness and she turned round her belly.

Then my tongue fluttered over her arse from the loins to the thighs, my fingers slipped to her clitoris; I frigged her, I kissed her, I sucked her, excited to the utmost by the contortions of her bottom, her back, her legs and arms, by the soft movements of her whole body disporting itself in a thousand feverish attitudes. Then the passionate girl all on a sudden turned round and flattened her arse on my face to make me feel its active throbbing, while she frigged herself.

Tearing herself out of my arms and gliding to the bed’s head, she then said: «Come along, try to catch me.» I threw once more my contracted arms around her and got her within reach. She crouched into a ball and my tongue penetrated like the point of a bayonet into the orifice, causing her to jump and leap with lust.

She spent herself three times during the violent attack and I discharged almost incessantly. She was as charming as possible, fondled me in her arms, took me to her heart and whispered: «With whom else could you enjoy such felicity, Adeline? Both you and I are very lustful; we shall get on capitally together. Come, I’ll tongue you in my turn and you will see that I am as quick to deliver caresses as to receive yours.»

«My kisses will dry you, for you are quite wet and afterwards you’ll love me. Promise that you will not do it with Athenais. I can’t bear her. Promise, do!»

«If I promise about Athenais, you will demand the same respecting the others and when I take it into my head that I will have some voluptuous enjoyment I shall be obliged to ask your permission. No, to that I cannot consent. Only as regards Athenais!»

«And Nanette?»

«Perhaps I know it. At present I want to keep your caresses for myself they produce a greater effect than all the others. You have seen how passionate I am; I can’t control my feeling. In spite of my affection for you, I am sure to do you some harm if I learn that you enjoy yourself elsewhere, when you have but to speak to me to have all your whims satisfied with me.»

She was enchanting. She played with my lips and my whole body; she overwhelmed me with caresses, imbibed my soul with her kisses and her suckings and I was on the point of endorsing her tyrannical demand.

What can the scenes that are accomplished to the right and to the left be to you? The clock struck twelve and everybody retired to the dormitory or their private rooms; the light was put out, calm reigned everywhere and we went to sleep with a feverish heart and slept till a late hour on Sunday morning. Now I am acclimatized, my love, a thousand kisses from.


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