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An Account of the Whippings, Rapes, and Violences that Preceded the Civil War in America

Renewed fears and forced kisses on the mouth

The Memoirs Of Dolly Morton (Chapter XXII)


Jean de Villiot, The Memoirs Of Dolly Morton : The Story of A Woman’s Part in The Struggle to Free The Slaves, An Account of the Whippings, Rapes, and Violences that Preceded the Civil War in America, With Curious Anthropological Observations on the Radical Diversities In the Conformation of the Female Bottom and the Way Different Women endure Chastisement, Ed. Charles Carrington, London, Paris, 1899.

Daybreak and breakfast; renewed fears and forced kisses on the mouth; I am liberated; the friendly carrier; arrival at Richmond and meeting with Randolph.

I don’t think that I ever once lost consciousness during the weary hours, and I thought that the morning would never come. But at last I saw the welcome daylight showing through the clinks in the shutter. Presently the men woke and, getting off the beds, stood yawning and stretching for a moment or two. Then, looking at me, they laughed, making remarks about my pale cheeks and red eyes, while I lay in dire suspense, fearing that one or other of the ruffians would take it into his head to poke me again. But to my intense relief no one touched me.

The window was opened and a fire was lighted. Some bacon was fried and a pot of coffee was made. Then the men sat down to breakfast, ordering me to sit at the other side of the table and join them in their meal. With downcast eyes and flaming cheeks, I seated myself opposite the three brutes who had outraged me so shamefully, and, since I was very faint, I tried to eat a bit of bread, but it stuck in my throat. However I managed to drink a pannikin of the milk-less coffee, which, bad as it was, refreshed me a little.

When the «meal» was over and the men had lighted their pipes, I raised my eyes and, addressing Jackson, reminded him of his promise to let me go. «Oh, do please let me go,» I pleaded earnestly, bursting into tears and stretching my hands towards him appealingly. «You have nearly killed me. Surely you won’t be so cruel as to keep me.»

He looked at me for a short time and my heart seemed to stand still. At last he said: «You are a pretty girl, and, though you are a bad poke, you are better than nothing. We’d like to keep you for further doings, but you’d be in our way, so we’ll let you go. I’ll put you through the woods to the road, and then you can either go back to Woodlands or run to Richmond. Both are the same distance away, about sixteen miles. You can come along at once if you like.»

A dreadful weight was lifted from my heart, and I rose from my seat eagerly. «Oh, I am quite ready to start,» I said.

He laughed. «All right,» he said, «but first you must shake hands with us, bid us goodbye and give us each a nice kiss on the lips.»

So I had to kiss each of the ruffians in turn, bidding him goodbye. As I did so, each man put his hands up my clothes and felt the «spot.»

Jackson then left the shanty, and I followed him. He evidently wished to confuse me as to the exact position of the place, so he led me by devious paths through the woods for at least a couple of miles before bringing me out onto the road. After pointing to the direction in which Richmond lay and telling me that I could not miss my way, he disappeared in the bushes.

There was not a person in sight, and I sat down on a log at the side of the road, uncertain whether to go back to Woodlands or on to Richmond. But I did not quite see how I was to get to either place, as I could not possibly have walked the distance. Under ordinary circumstances I was a good walker and would have thought very little of a walk of sixteen miles, but at that moment I was weak and faint, sore and stiff, and every movement of my legs caused me pain. Not knowing what to do, I began to cry in sheer helplessness, thinking what a dreadfully unfortunate woman I was in every way.

But a bit of luck came to me. I had been sitting by the roadside for about ten minutes when I saw in the distance a farm wagon coming along the road. When it had drawn close to me, I saw that it was driven by a respectable-looking middle-aged man. Rising from my seat on the log, I tearfully asked him if he would kindly give me a lift towards Richmond.

He pulled up his horse at once and said that he would. Then, giving me his hand, he helped me into the wagon and made me as comfortable as he could, looking rather curiously at me but asking no questions. I gave him a short account of how I had been stopped on my journey and robbed by «bushwhackers,» but I was silent as to the other things which had been done to me.

The stranger was full of sympathy for me and anger against the «bushwhackers» in general, who, he said ought all to be lynched. Then he added: «I reckoned that there was suthin’ wrong when I seen a lady like you a sittin’ by the roadside cryin’. Dern this war! There’s no law or order now in the whole state of Virginny. I wish I was out of it and back in Connecticut, whar I come from.»

I was glad to hear that he was a Northerner. The fact seemed to give me greater confidence in the man. (I had grown frightened and suspicious of all Southerners.) I told him that I also came from the North, and that I heartily wished to be back there. On hearing that, he insisted upon shaking hands. Then he informed me that he would take me all the way to Richmond and that we could expect to get there in about three hours.

The wagon was heavily laden, so we jogged along the road slowly and almost in silence. He was a taciturn man, while I, as you may suppose, was not inclined to talk at that moment. In fact, it was as much as I could do to prevent myself from crying.

When at length we reached the outskirts of the city, the man said most kindly that, if I would give him my address, he would drive me to it. I thanked him gratefully, telling him where to go, and, in about half an hour, we reached the house which Randolph had taken. It was a comfortable looking, three-storied building standing in a garden and situated in one of the best parts of Richmond.

The kind man got out of the wagon and helped me down. I asked him to come into the house and see «my husband,» who would like to thank him and also reward him for the service which he had rendered me. But the good fellow said that he wanted no reward and that he was glad that he had been able to help a Northern lady in distress. Then he bade me goodbye, and drove off.

I knocked at the door, which was opened by a good-looking, smartly-dressed, white servant-girl. I asked her if Mr. Randolph was at home. She looked curiously at me for a moment, then asked civilly if I was the lady Mr. Randolph had expected to arrive the previous night? I said that I was, and she at once asked me to come in.

She ushered me into a handsomely furnished room where I found Randolph seated at lunch. He did not rise from his chair, but sat staring at me in surprise, noticing my pale face, red eyes and generally draggled appearance. After a moment, he said in an aggrieved tone, «Why, Dolly, what an object you are! Where on earth have you been? What has happened to you? I expected you at eight o’clock last night. Where is Jim and the buggy?»

I had not expected to be received with much show of affection, but his cold manner annoyed me very much. I was in need of sympathy and kindness at that moment. «Oh, don’t bother me with questions,» I said sharply. «I have had hardly anything to eat for twenty-four hours and I am faint with hunger, so I mean to have something to eat and drink before I tell you what happened.»

He looked quite surprised at my unwonted display of spirit, but he drew a chair to the table for me, poured a glass of wine and helped me to a cutlet. I really was famished, so I made a good meal, drank a couple of glasses of wine and had a cup of black coffee. Then, feeling much better, I sat in a comfortable easy chair and told him how Jim and I had been stopped the previous night by «bushwhackers» who had taken the horses, broken open my trunks and robbed me of everything I had in my possession. But I could not bring myself to tell him that I had been outraged by the three men.

He listened attentively to all I told him and, when I had finished, he asked: «Where did you pass the night and how did you get here this morning?»

I had expected the questions and was ready with the answers. «I stayed in the woods all night»—so I had, in the shanty—«and this morning I met a man going by with a wagon. He brought me on to the city.»

I do not know whether Randolph thought I was keeping back something or not, but he did not ask me a single awkward question. He was very much vexed at the loss of his two valuable horses, but he was rather amused at my description of the way the «bushwhackers» had kicked my clothes about in disgust.

«Damn the thing,» he said, «I would not have sold those horses for less than eight-hundred dollars. But we can easily replace your finery, Dolly. It was lucky you left your jewelry behind. I will go to the police and give them the information, but I am pretty sure that nothing can be done. The whole country is in such a disturbed state. When you want to go to your room, ring the bell and Clara, the girl who let you in, will attend to you.»

He went away, and I remained reclining in the easy chair for a short time. Then I rang the bell, and, when Clara came, I told her that I wished to go to my room. She showed me upstairs to a long, airy, prettily-furnished bedroom with an adjoining bath, and, as soon as she had gone away, I stripped myself and had a most refreshing bath, scrubbing myself all over with scented soap till at last I felt that my body was thoroughly cleansed from all outward impurities. When I had dressed myself, the girl came back and brushed my hair, and, though she was quite aware that I was not Randolph’s wife, her manner was respectful.

I put a few questions to her, and, since she was by no means reticent, I soon found that Randolph had been in the habit of poking her whenever he felt inclined. However, the knowledge of that fact neither surprised nor annoyed me. It was just what I had expected to hear from the moment I had seen the girl’s pretty face and neat figure.

After Clara had finished brushing my hair and had left the room, I lay down upon the bed and fell into a profound sleep. When I woke, I saw by the clock on the mantelpiece that it was seven o’clock. I had slept for four hours and I felt quite fresh. The color had come back to my cheeks, my eyes had lost their heavy look and the ill-treated «spot» was feeling fairly easy.

I was just about to get up and go downstairs when Randolph entered the room, and, coming to the bedside, looked down upon me.

«Well, Dolly,» he said, «I suppose you’ve had a good sleep. You’re looking all right again, so I intend to have a poke to give me an appetite for dinner. It will be as good as a cocktail for me, and I will make you ’cock up your tail,’« he added laughing.

I loathed the very idea of being poked again, and I heartily wished that there was not such a thing as a male organ in the world. (Six times in less than twenty-four hours the horrid weapons had pierced my poor little «spot,» and now it was going to be transfixed for the seventh time!) However, I knew that if I made any objection it would only make Randolph angry and excite his suspicions, so I did not say a word.

The scoundrel now proceeded to «cock up my tail» by laying me in a curved position over the side of the bed, with my feet on the floor. Then, turning up my petticoats and letting down my drawers, he took a long look at my bottom. He stroked it and spanked it harder than was pleasant, saying coolly:

«Well, Dolly, I must say that I have not seen a prettier bottom than yours or spanked a plumper one since I came to Richmond.»

He then began to ram at me from behind with evident pleasure to himself, but with pain to me, for, though outwardly the «spot» was all right, the inner lips were excoriated.

I suffered a good deal, and I had to clench my teeth to keep from crying out. But to prevent his suspecting that anything was wrong, I worked my bottom backwards and forwards to meet his thrust as if I had been really enjoying the embrace, and, when he «spent,» I wriggled myself briskly.

I was exceedingly glad when all was over and he had withdrawn his member from the sore «spot.» However, he was pleased with me, and, giving me a kiss, he complimented me on the way I had done my share of the work.

After the necessary ablutions, we went down to dinner, which was a good one and also well cooked, the waiting being done by a neatly-dressed but rather elderly white parlormaid. (All the servants in the establishment were white women, whom Randolph had taken over along with the house, the owner of which had gone to Europe with his wife and family at the outbreak of the war.)

During the progress of dinner, Randolph and I talked about the state of affairs at Woodlands. He asked me a number of questions, all of which I was able to answer fully and truthfully. Strange to say, he did not ask me a single question about the Federal Officer, Captain Franklin.

When dinner was over and we were in the drawing room, we conversed about the war. Randolph observed that most of the planters in the Southern States would be ruined if the Federals eventually proved victorious in the struggle. He further said that, though he himself would be hard hit by the abolition of slavery, he fortunately had a large sum of money invested in foreign securities, so that, whatever happened, he would still be comparatively a rich man.

At eleven o’clock he told me to come to bed, adding that he wanted to have a good naked roll with me. I was glad to go to bed, but I did not look forward with pleasure to more love-making. However, I followed him meekly upstairs to the bedroom.

After locking the door, he lit all the candles, so that the chamber was brilliantly illuminated. Then he made me take off all my clothes, doing the same himself. When we were both stark naked, he put his arm round my waist and waltzed round the room with me until I was quite out of breath. All the time, his bare breast was pressed against my naked, palpitating bosom and his stiff member rubbed against my belly. Occasionally he stimulated my flagging steps by applying a smart slap to my bottom.

When he was tired of «dancing» he lifted me on to the bed. Then, holding me in his arms and twining his legs around mine, he rolled over and over, clasping me in a tight embrace, finally finishing up by laying me on my back and «sabering» me lustily.

The deed done, he allowed me to put on my chemise—I had no nightdress—and to get between the sheets, where he soon followed me. I thought that he was done with me, but I was very much mistaken. He was in great form, so I got very little sleep. He kept playing with me at short intervals all night, besides poking me thrice in different positions each time.

It was late the next morning when we got up, and it was noon before we had finished breakfast. Randolph left the house on some business or other, while I sent for my dressmaker and ordered a fresh stock of frocks, hats and bonnets. I then went out shopping and bought a full supply of dainty undergarments, silk stockings and shoes. Randolph always liked me to be prettily dressed, and he never objected to paying the bills for the clothes which adorned me. But he did not give me much money to spend; in fact he was rather stingy.

In a few days I was completely fitted out again, and was able to go out with him by day or night, wherever he wished me to accompany him.

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