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Green girls - 11

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).


From Adeline to Paul

How fast the time flies when desires are fulfilled. It is now more than three months since I wrote my last letter to you. I hope you enjoy yourself as much as I do. In any case I send you the account of my intoxicating luscious combats to show you that my sentiments about these nice things have not changed.

Our well-organized life is not fatiguing and we have all sorts of pleasures and pleasant surprises. Besides the ties of our friendship attaching us to our friends, we have all sorts of charming little intrigues.

One morning I found a letter in my desk which set my heart throbbing violently. Isabelle Parmentier, Marie’s great friend wrote as follows:

«My dear Adeline:

You have scourged my arse in the prettiest manner possible and you have almost spoiled my bum I dare say. Nevertheless I bear you no ill will, for from that! Marie has told me that you are very lustful and so am 1. My desire of your person is great and I should be very happy if your lips would obliterate the memory of the cuts YOU gave my buttocks. If you long for my charms as I do for yours, it is easy to meet without the risk of being punished. I have to go to confession tomorrow. I have to arrange the altar for Sunday. Ask to go there. If you arrive at four o’clock, we shall have half an hour to enjoy ourselves. The Chaplain never arrives till half past four. If you consent, my darling, I beg you to put a blue bow in your hair this evening before entering the refectory.

Your friend, Isabelle.»

I put the on blue Riband, and the next day at four I went to the chapel. Isabelle was waiting for me. She took me by the hand and led me to the scarcity. There she opened another door, and we entered the most charming little boudoir.

She threw her arms around me and though she is smaller than I am, she lifted me up like a feather from the ground, and then throwing me on a divan, said: «Be quick, show me if you are as well made as Marie says.»

Her hand wandered over my thighs and buttocks, and she opened my drawers, approached her lips and with a wonderful agility dived her tongue into all the pleasant places.

Rising, she tucked up her own clothes and exhibited her buttocks, deprived me of every trace of drawers, and as I was laying on the divan she applied her bottom to my face and ordered me to suck it. «Suck everywhere,» she said. «You cruel naughty girl who struck me so hard the other day. Look it revenges itself. It pinches your nose like that. Yes, try to find the orifice. I love this tickling, Oh, you little minx, you are quite an adept. Yes, clasp it in your hands more. Do you feel it against your cheeks? Marie’s passionate love of bums, made me delight in such caresses. Oh, you make progress. What do you want when you twist me like that? Which is the prettiest, my arse or Angela’s.»

«I have scarcely looked at Angela’s.»

«What a joke! What I do you do, when you retire together?»

«She is fond of caresses and when it is her turn, she prefers the front.»

«How funny! She always wanted your predecessor to suck her nipples. Angela is indeed fanciful. Yes, don’t stop your caresses. If you nave not seen the arse of your great friend, you must have seen others, that of Blanche, for instance, Do you prefer it to mine?»

«It is bigger, but it cannot twist about like yours.» «Oh, you appreciate that, do? It is always on fire and I should like a tongue between my buttocks all day long.»

«With such a disposition, Marie mustn’t get her fill.»

«Marie prefers an arse that does not move and mine is never quiet. She always gets into trouble because she affects nocturnal adventures. She likes them because the fear of being surprised prevents those to whom she applies from stirring. She throws herself flat upon their arse and licks it softly with her tongue and lips.»

«It is funny that can never be as one with her.» «It should be at one with you, I must say! You ate bold and mutinous and you manage your tongue with real skill. Will you be my little sweetheart?»

«And Angela?»

«Angela will remain your official friend. We all have our secret sweethearts and Angela like the others.»

«Indeed! Angela has a sweetheart?»

«You don’t know all the stories of the house, I see! Angela’s late friend, Blanche, has taken a fancy to her. They often sleep together and it is owing to this circumstances that you were seized with Marie.»

«Yes, if Marie had spoken to me that day, I should have advised her to put off her visit till at night when Blanche had gone to Angela.»

«They change rooms?»

«At least twice a week?»

The licking and sucking continued. We only ceased in time to be in the chapel at the very moment the Chaplain arrived. I consented to be the sweetheart of the little devil, who promised me any quantity of voluptuous bliss.

It was the first time I had been to confession. I entered the little niche and the Chaplain said:

«It is wise of you my child, to remember the utility of the ministry. You want to confess some small faults, I suppose?»

«Your advice will be precious to me, Father, I wanted to consult you some time ago.»

«Speak, I take the greatest interest in your troubles.»

«My ideas are somewhat confused. I came to this in consequence of an adventure, of which you cannot be ignorant, and here I find that the thing for which they wanted to punish me at home, is almost authorized. Where is the good and where is the evil? I don’t know.»

«Your heart will show it to you my child. Be obedient to your superiors. Maintain harmony between those about you. Respect everybody’s opinions. Be silent as to what might hurt your fellow creatures feelings and try to give your friends every possible joy and felicity.»

«I understand, my Father. The thing is to practice the morals of the place in which we live and never to contradict the ideas of those on whom we depend.»

The Chaplain was puzzled for a minute; then he continued: «The evil consists in you are a clever girl. You will not compromise your present happiness by fruitless debates. Amuse yourself my child, and try to amuse others according to the rules of the school. I remit your sins unto you.» «I thank you my father. And I testify my gratitude by acknowledging that the confession has served as a pretext for joining a friend who had given me a voluptuous rendezvous.»

He smiled and replied:

«I do not wish to know the name of your accomplice. As a penitence for your trick, you must, however, calm the irritation of the poor excited devil here between my thighs. Look, my child.»

I leaned my forehead against the grate and saw the Chaplain with raised cassock, exhibiting a very, very long stiff instrument.

«How can I calm it, my father?»

«By sucking it in the sacristy. Will you yield to the penitence?» «If I had a right to refuse, I should ask a favor to do so.»

«Oh, my child, you promise to be a splendid recruit to the school. Come to the sacristy.»

«Why to the sacristy, Father? If I joined you in your little cell and knelt down before you?»

«Yes, yes, that’s it.»

Isabelle was still at the altar. She turned at the noise of the door of the confessional, and stood disconcerted when she saw me disappear beside the Chaplain.

I knelt down between his thighs. He caressed my head and hair. My lips approached the big thing. I longed for this pleasure. I had not had the male thing since I left Chartres. I blessed my own intelligence which had ushered me into the presence of the Chaplain’s attributes. The enormous head entered my mouth. My heart leaped with joy and happiness and I took hold of the sprinkler with both hands.

What a size it was, my dear Paul Twice as big as the Abbe Dussac’s and three times as big as your own.

I applied my lips to it slowly and glided down in sudden jerks till little by little I engulfed the whole splendid monster in my mouth. Alas, I could not take it all in. Thrown back in his chair, his thighs completely uncovered, the Chaplain resigned himself to my caresses, I could resist the intoxicating temptation to enjoy to the full the contact with his body. I let the thing slip out of my mouth, placed my forehead under it, raised the balls with my tongue and stooped to lick it as far as the beginning of his buttocks.

He sighed again and again.

He patted my head with his knob to remind me of the sucking and I resumed my work with lips and tongue.

He started wriggling his arse and from time to time squeezed down the upper part of his body by pressing his hands on my shoulders, and suddenly a mighty jet of sperm was sent into my mouth and over my nose and cheeks.

Oh, the trembling and jumping of his prick on my face. I shall never forget it. It throbbed violently. I lay with my head on his thighs in a delicious ecstasy. He caressed my cheeks which I glued to his naked body and then wiped my face with his handkerchief. I understood we had to blot out the traces of the adventure.

Some drops had stained my bodice. He told me to accompany him to the sacristy where he would dean it.

When we passed the altar, I observed that Isabelle, who was hidden on the other side, sent me an angry look.

In the sacristy the Chaplain cleaned the stain with water after which I washed my face and left him after he had kissed me tenderly and promised me his protection. In the passage I came across Isabelle, who seized me by the arm, and cried, boxing my ears:

«There, you dirty beast, sucker, that you are. You are not content with your friends. You want to play with the men. That’s to teach you better manners. It’s all over between us and I’ll speak to Angela and she’ll give it to you.»

She turned her back on me and left me quite stunned.

Another vexation awaited me in the study. On my return Miss Blanche said with a certain irony:

«Your confession has been rather long, Adeline. I should not have thought you had so many sins to confess. They have, however, been rather important. I see you look quite distraught and your manners are strange. I deprive you of the recreations of tomorrow and beg you to copy the first act of Athalie.» This awakening was rather disagreeable, dear Paul, but I submitted in silence.

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