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Green girls - 15

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).

From the Same to the Same

The friend who advised me to ask for a nocturnal feast was no fool. What a day and what a night! I fancied I saw you there and thought of all the follies you would have committed.

First we got up one hour and a half later than usual; our toilet accomplished we awaited the visit of Dr. Chauvey who would call to examine the health of each pupil and decide whether they were able to support the pleasure and the jollity. We were stark naked, having only our stockings and boots on.

When my turn came, he examined me from head to foot, fingered every spot of my body; placed his ear against my breast and back and belly; telling me to cough and satisfied with the result of his examinations, he said:

«Robust constitution, you’ll go far, little one, pretty one.»

He put a finger between my thighs, tried to force it in, while I, at a significant look plunged my hand into his breeches.

I touched another edition of the male weapon, a short, but very, very big prick, much bigger than the Chaplain’s. He bent me backwards and approached it to my cunt for a minute I thought he was going to take my virginity.

He stopped short. Belly to belly, we kissed one another and he whispered: I forgot myself; I have not yet finished my inspection.

But we shall meet another day, my darling. One thing puzzled me.

As soon as the doctor left the chambrette, its owner entered Miss Blanche’s room from which she did not return, till she had been replaced by another pupil. I entered in my turn and got the explanation of the mystery.

Blanche was lying on her belly in the same attire as we, abandoning her arse to Marie’s skillful tonguings (feuilles de rose).
My companion retired unwillingly.

Come Adeline, said Blanche, give me a kiss. There, suck my nipples. All that is perfumed, ready for all kinds of folly. Your body is in a perfect state, too. The doctor’s report will affirm it. No doubt. Now, my darling, a caress on my buttocks and then return to your companions to dress and go down to the schoolroom. I ran away. The afternoon school time was shortened and at half past five we gathered in the dining room to lunch. We were to sup at nine after the dance.

Lunch over, we went upstairs to dress. I looked charming in my white dress, cut to a point in front. None of us wore drawers, a detail which was important you’ll acknowledge.

At seven o’clock we were ushered into the apartment of the Misses Geraud.

The sight of the three rooms opened up into one another was charming Juliette and Fanny were dressed one in black and the other in blue velvet; their bodices were cut very low and left their breasts almost quite free, and their arms were naked and a spray of diamonds adorned their hair.

Blanche was dressed in green silk and Lucienne in lilac satin, both low bodiced. Nanette appeared in black male attire and so did Miss Robert and one of the senior girls, among whom was Angela.

The little ones appeared in their bare shifts with a blue or rose coloured sash, their arms, shoulders, bosom, legs and arse quite naked; they all seemed very graceful in spite of the slender form of their undeveloped limbs. The Red Girls wore at their girdle a red velvet bow. On the hind part of my white skirt was attached a bouquet of violets and Isabelle, Bertha Lytton and Georgette Pascal were adorned in the same manner. It was a sight that the bearer was the favorite of some gentleman.

Indeed Bertha was patronized by Mr. Collins Georgette by the Doctor. We were all four held back by Juliette who conducted us to a retired boudoir, where we found the gentleman.

My friends, said she, I bring to you your boys. Before they are brought into the whirl of the feast I thought they ought to sacrifice a quarter of an hour to you. So have your will of them.

Isabelle, the boldest of us, jumped on the knees of Mr. Gaudin and threw her arm around his neck. I did not hesitate any longer and did the same with the Chaplain.

«Gentlemen, said the doctor, don’t let me be selfish. We possess each of us a charming sultana but let give them permission to amuse themselves with their companions and let us bring them back to the parlor.»

A voluptuous kiss and we returned. They had begun the dance, Miss Robert was at the piano. Isabelle asked me to dance and I accepted, though her clandestine looks betrayed that she was meditating another wicked trick. I scan got proof that I was right. Twice she pinched me treacherously and when in the midst of the crowd, she whispered:

«You are a nice sweetheart! I thought indeed that you would be more faithful since our punishment we have not met a single time and you have amused yourself with Nanette. She is not so much worth as I, I assure you. And moreover she is vexed with me, because I boxed the ears of her Camille, I don’t care a pin!»

«Oh, Isabelle!»

«Don’t bother me. Let me speak if you do not want me to gay nonsense in the presence of the whole society. Never mind what I say, you know I learn all that from Camille and it amuses him when I use bawdy terms. A sweetheart of your kind is able to drive one mad with lust. I am very hot tempered and I must be kept up or I get angry. If I did as I feel inclined, I would give you a sound drubbing and I have on my lips all kinds of filthy words. And yet, I have cleaned your bottom with my tongue!»

«You had washed it before you tongued it. I would nevertheless have done it directly, I proposed to do so. After what we agreed I thought we should have got on with one another; but you don’t seem to care. After all it may be that you prefer an arse like Fanny’s to that of Athenais. If so, you are not difficult to please. A pretty little bum, very rotund, not too fat, well marked—in short you are perhaps like the men who prefer them very plump. Look here, why don’t you answer me, you strumpet?»

«If you continue speaking like that, I’ll go away from you.»

«I’ve got too good a hold on you, this time it is my turn to tome you. I press you in close embrace, my voice tickles you as well as my fingers would tickle your cunt and my nonsense excites you. I know it is so, you naughty girl. You forget that I am your elder and I have more experience in those things than you. She led me on as she pleased and the surroundings furnished matter for conversation. On the armchairs or on the sofas the gentlemen amused themselves with one another. Two of the youngest pupils on the Chaplain’s knee and let him enviously titillate their cunt and their backside. I did not reply to Isabelle’s last thrust.» Gluing lips to mine, she continued: «Do you deserve the honey of my caresses, you dirty beast. You who called tile names the other day; you who have had both your brother and the Chaplain. When you blame others, don’t taunt them with our own actions you called me a suckeress but you have never sucked a cock yourself, eh?»

I smiled and replied: «If I did so it was to please my protector and you do so because you like it.» Every taste is allowed: «I won’t quarrel with you about that. I am offended at your indifference and if you should prefer Nanette, it is not necessary that we should be sweethearts. I prefer nobody, but I like to amuse myself,» I answered.

«Why did you not call me?»

The waltz was over and we parted without having contracted a new alliance. Angela, as nice looking as possible in her male attire, engaged me for the next dance. Being an excellent pianist, Isabelle was asked to play the piano in order that the mistresses might get their share of the pleasure.

She retired, sending me a clandestine look ominous of some future attack.

Angela encircled me with her arms, kissed me and said: Take heed of Isabelle, she sticks and it is difficult to get rid of her. But what was the matter? At the upper end of the room, they crowded together, animated, agitated, on fire? A thin that anywhere would have compromised the discipline of the school. Elsie Robert and Nanette, bearing the train of Juliette, had by tucking up her clothes uncovered her buttocks and all the little hussies were now kneeling behind her kissing her arse, encircling it with their slender arms, giving themselves up in caresses which seemed to fascinate our grand principal.

One replaced another and afterwards they ran about the room shoving forward their round buttocks, which some of the elder pupils from time to time gave a light slap.

Isabelle started a mazurka; Angela grasped me in her arms and off we went!

It is late, darling; I’ll put off the continuation of my recital of our nocturnal feast till my next letter.

Your Adeline who kisses and bites you.

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