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Green girls - 2

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).


They had now come to a perfect understanding and observed a great deal of circumspection, often adjourning for a long time their diversions with one another.

Adeline now only awaited the first attack and the priest, relieved by his abundant and rapid discharge, enjoyed his felicity and studied the means of increasing the opportunities and extending the field of action. Seeing them so perfectly quiet and without the least change of attitude, it was impossible to suspect the licentious thoughts which passed through their brains.

For more than a week they did not remain together after school, for the priest could not neglect Paul and constantly occupy himself with his sister.

Adeline’s heart throbbed violently when the door was shut for tête-à-tête and she stood watching every move of her tutor. Under the table, he approached her, his hand to her knees, gathered up her petticoats and began to feel her thighs. He found them well spread. He first toyed with her skillfully and then frigged her and she turned toward his so that he might be quite at his ease.

As he did this, his hand trembled with fever; his thick lips wanted to enjoy the bloom of her youthful charms but he did not know how to set about it without making a noise, and feared such an incident would betray his greatest secret and also hers.

He had now ceased his titillations and as on a former occasion, he placed her standing before him, but this time with her back towards the table; thus he made her gather up her petticoats and stooping, touched her quim two or three times with his tongue.

«Oh, dear me, what are you doing?» murmured the girl, almost fainting. He stopped. The blood mounted into his head and it seemed as if he would have an attack of apoplexy, but Adeline still kept up her petticoats, and all of a sudden he opened his cassock, approached and his prick entered straight between her thighs.

She shivered, her teeth chattered and with her free hand she took hold of the knob that caressed her so deliciously. Madness threatened to lead them further than they had intended; stretching herself backwards, Adeline swept all the books on the floor. They instantly resumed their usual attitude. Picking up the books, the priest commenced a scientific explanation connected with her lessons, but as nobody disturbed them, they again embraced and kissed one another. After a time the priest arose and audaciously put his prick to the lips of his pupil. At first she did not understand what he solicited and only kissed it timidly, but he pushed on and separated her teeth, introduced it into her mouth. It was but part of a caress. They could not allow themselves the luxury of intoxication.

They parted and resumed their work, exchanging still some caresses with their lips but as soon as their senses began to stray, they rapidly suspended their voluptuousness.

Both felt their thighs getting wet without experiencing the thrills and sensations of other joys. They wanted so much and feared everything, discovery above all, and they were compelled to part without having satisfied the craving of their senses.

The priest did not sleep a wink that night. He occupied a room near the end of the passage near which was the water closet door. Adeline had her room beside that of her mother, but the latter would not wake, even at the detonation of a cannon.

At one o’clock in the morning, the girl was still tossing herself restlessly about in her bed; then she rose cautiously, slipped on a petticoat and her slippers and softly left the room.

She went straight to the priest’s door. Had he a presentiment of the adventure or did he try to magnetize her at a distance? The half open door showed her that she was expected.

She entered without hesitation feeling her way, guided by the priest’s breathing, approached his bed; stretching her arms before her she met his hand; he pushed his head toward her thighs between which his cock was raised to a haughty pinnacle.

Oh, she would have paid for that minute by copying twenty thousand lines.

She took his prick in her mouth and swallowed it up and down several times, while he tucked up her petticoat, titillated her buttocks and quim and forced his little finger into her bum hole which was all atwitter with voluptuousness at his movements.

At times she stopped, leaned her cheek against the happy fellow’s thigh, kept his prick in her hand and patted her face with it.

Directing his hands toward her bosom, the priest discovered the beginning of two darling bubbies, throbbing under his touch. He seized his prick again, raised it to her lips, which opened gluttonously and then he frigged her in order to spend more freely and quickly in her childish mouth.

Did she guess this? At any rate she gave him a sudden push and retired below his knees; he had to sit up to catch her again.

Once he even jumped out of bed, the child had disappeared and looking for her, found her quite naked, rid of both her petticoat and her shift, at the foot of the bed. He threw his arms around her, enclosed her between his legs and thrust his prick between her buttocks.

Pressing herself against his belly, she murmured, "Oh, it is too much it is delicious." Her childish body gave way under his weight as he shot a torrent of thick sperm along the furrow of her bottom.

He cleaned her with his handkerchief, recommended her to be silent, to wash herself well, and then sent her away, though she willingly would have begun the pleasures all over again.

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