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Green girls - 4

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).


She flirted with her tutor more thereafter and enraged him so that he showed less restraint and authorized more of the nocturnal visits. The consequence was an exhaustion and a weariness in the child which troubled the family without their suspecting for a moment what was the cause of the child’s ill health, so she was sent to the country to her grandmother to recuperate her health.

Being thus warned, the priest observed much more reserve after her return, and finding she could not gratify her desires in the way she had hoped for, Adeline turned to her brother for help.

Paul Mirzan was then in his thirteenth year. He amused himself with childish games, did not mix with boys of his own age and lived in complete ignorance of all sensual desires. Naughty thoughts had not yet entered his head, albeit he was no fool. The two played together often. One afternoon, playing about, Adeline was struck by his splendid figure and thought it would be fun to initiate him into the famous, forbidden science to which she was devoted. How could she do it indirectly?

She made a few steps, hid behind some trees and loosened her drawers, then calling her brother, she said:

«Paul, my drawers have become unbuttoned. I cannot arrange them behind by myself; come and help me.» Tucking up her clothes, she presented the lower part of her body to the boy, betraying a respectable roundness by the way in which she moved her arse. He stooped to pick up her drawers and bending looked at her shift. A light seemed to dawn upon him; he slowly lifted her drawers, got perplexed and without knowing exactly why, touched his sister’s bare arse with his hand.

«Oh, Paul,» she said, with childish simplicity.

But she raised her shift, her bottom appeared quite naked and Paul did not content himself with touching it. He—rubbed it all over delighted.

«Why, what are you doing?» she asked. «Oh, I’ve got to feel your arse.»

«You have got one, too, have you not?»

«Yes, but it is not so pretty,» he said. «Let me see.»

«But if anyone should see us, Adeline.» Adeline did not care a pin. She unbuttoned his trousers, set free his little prick, and feigning surprise, cried:

«Oh, what have you got there?»

«Why,» said he in return, «How is it you haven’t one like it?»

«Your hands tickle it and give it pleasure?»

A creaking noise of footsteps recalled them to prudence, for they were on the point of committing a folly. They put their clothes in order, and the maid, passing by, took no notice of them.

A soon as the maid passed on, Paul asked his sister.

«Have you put on your drawers?»

«Yes, but that does not matter; look they are open between the legs and you can get your hand in.»

«How kind you are; let us amuse ourselves again, will you?»

«We should be better elsewhere, but they will suspect something if we returned immediately to the house. We must agree on another time. Why, what are you doing, Paul? It is not your nose that you have to thrust in there I think it would be far nicer if you tried to push in that little thing which you have between your thighs.»

Kneeling beneath her petticoats, Paul first honored Adeline’s front side with a short visit, and then passing behind her twisted buttocks, like a connoisseur. As he got out from her petticoats to breathe, she made him rise, and taking possession of his standing prick, she sucked it. They understood that if they were not to expose themselves to considerable risk of discovery they had better not prolong the game further.

«We will do that often,» said Paul.

«Yes,» replied Adeline, but not without hiding ourselves well.

Did the priest scent the rivalry of the young brat? Howsoever that may have been, he took care to inform the young girl that he would expect to see her the following night. These nocturnal visits had become less and less frequent. When the flesh tormented him, he had contented himself with titillations and spendings during the school hours. On the other hand, the little girl’s impudence made a great impression upon him and frightened him very much. He only bottom fucked her twice, restraining himself for fear of making tile hole’ so large that it might denounce him in case of illness One night it amused her to make the priest sigh. On entering the room she revealed her presence by hitting lightly against a chair and then remained quite motionless. His shortsightedness prevented him from seeing her. One of his legs was hanging over the edge of the bed and he stretched out his arms to seize her. He dared not move for fear of making a noise. She stripped off her shift and petticoats and then came quite naked to the foot of his bed. He caught hold of her childish form and hugged her in his arms, she offered no resistance.

While titillating her fervently, he squatted on the floor and devoured her with ninettes and feuille de rose, and began to play the physician to her bum hole. She resisted; embracing her, he kissed her naval, waist and breasts, pressing her closer and closer to him. The little minx pulled his shirt towards his neck, thus showing him that she wanted him to be stark naked. He obeyed her eagerly and leaning against his shoulders, she resigned her lips to his sucking, inflaming her so much that he tried to force his finger into her cunt. She clasped her thighs together and rolled beside him on the carpet.

Kneeling on all fours, he tongued her bum hole, and then jumping upon her arse, he bottom fucked her in the most brutish manner, after which he went to bed and she retired.

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