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Green girls - 12

Erotic novel (1899)


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Fuckwell (Alphonse Momas), Green girls, transl. from the French, [s.n.], London, Paris, 1899. (2 vol., 194 + 88 p. ; 19 cm).

From the Same to the Same

The Chaplain had promised me his protection and kept his word. It was some days before he got an opportunity of occupying himself with my humble person, but one morning he heard of my punishment and sent for my mistress and me. He said to Miss Blanche. I have just seen in the list of correction that Adeline has been punished. I had forgotten to give her a note of justification. This punishment is unjust and I ask Juliette to give her the Blue Riband as recompense. Thus she’ll reward her for her submission. I take under my protection and I exact that she be annoyed by nobody.»

Juliette kissed me on both cheeks and tied a blue Riband with a star around my neck. This proclaimed the Chaplain’s protection and made me in a measure a favorite.

That morning he was content to kiss my forehead and I returned to the study with Blanche, who was published the nature of my reward to the schoolfellows. In spite of Isabella’s low spirits in my presence, Angela did not share her anger and granted her devoted friendship as before.

I often passed my recreation time with my charming, friend who gratified my desires as best she could. But I longed for Isabelle because she insulted me most cruelly whenever we happened to be alone.

Putting a finger in her mouth, she cried:

«Dirty beast! Sucker! Oh she runs after men.»

This vexed and irritated me. One day I told Marie about Isabelle and her abominable conduct. «Well,» she said, «If you had answered by calling her a Sodomite, an enculee. If you had thrown yourself upon her and drubbed her soundly, she would love you and lick you from head to foot. That’s her way.»

«What are the meaning of those words?»

«Don’t you know? Those are the words for receiving a man’s prick in his bumhole.»

«Prick?» «Dear me, the instrument, yes. Isabelle is the favorite of M. Dandin who always inserts it into her bum.»

The school time passed as usual but at the end of the lesson, Miss Blanche said to me:

«Go to the chapel during the recreation, Adeline, the Reverend Father expects you.»

I guessed that he was about to make use of his privileges and if I had been in doubt, the looks of my school fellows and their remarks would have enlightened me.»

«Look here,» said one, «Before you do what he demands, ask him to give you a nocturnal feast in honor of you. We dance and amuse ourselves.»

The Chaplain waited in the Sacristy and took me into the little boudoir. A dainty repast was served on a small table and he invited me to eat and drink.

While satisfying my appetite, I saw a thousand burning flames sparkle in his eyes.

His hand slipped under my petticoats, and he tickled me between my thighs. After that he tucked up my petticoats and setting me on his knees, placed his big instrument, his prick, between my buttocks, in the furrow you know, and encircling me with his arms, clamping his hands over my belly, he lifted me from time to time by the vigor of his member which insisted upon standing straight up.

When appeased my hunger, he said:

«My little favorite. Before we abandon ourselves to luscious sexual pleasures I want to do something for you. Give me an order and it shall be executed.»

Well, then, I answered, «A nocturnal feast.»

«Well, so be it. We will fix it for Saturday. But now you must suck me a little. Afterwards I shall ask you to give yourself up to me as you did to the Abbe Dussac.»

I trembled all over. Sitting his knees, I felt his prick wander everywhere under my arse. When he transferred it from the furrow to under the buttocks, it seemed by the facility with which it pushed me from one side to another, to be even bigger than it really was.

I threw my arms about his neck and said.

«Yes, but perhaps you’ll hurt me.»

«Don’t be afraid, my darling. The human body is capable of being stretched and even if it hurts a little at first, that will soon be over. I’ll tongue you well and before approaching you, I shall apply plenty of saliva to the bum hole.» Then he’ll enter as if it was the purest butter.

He unhooked my bodice and titillated my hubbies and afterwards I knelt down between his legs to suck his prick. He did not spin out this pleasure. He laid me down on the divan and tongued my orifice well and hurriedly, exciting it and stirring it to frenzy.

When he had besmeared it well with his thick saliva, he drew between his thighs and made a first attack with his prick. I lifted my fundament to help him. All of a sudden the knob penetrated, but I could not help setting up a cry of pain. He hurt me so.

He put his hand on my lips to suffocate my screams. He kissed and bit it, but my arse responded to his attack. The pain struggled with my voluptuous nature. His prick got farther in than in my mouth and his liquor inundated my entrails and produced the effect of a wonderful balsam, which instantly healed my wound. He had spent and spent in abundance. He looked at me satisfied and full of admiration. I strutted with pride. I guessed that my ascendancy over the senses of this authority was secured and that a new era of felicity was beginning.

«My darling,» he said, «you are a child in years and yet you are a woman. You combine in your person the grace of your mistresses’ and of all your companions. The other gentlemen will strive to take you from me. But remember that I am the most powerful of all, so that if you can refuse them, or at least restrain yourself with them, in order to preserve yourself for my pleasure, you shall be more mistress in this house than the Misses Gerauds themselves.

I replied to this fit of the Chaplain in the possible. I pressed my lips to his and I was ringing a deep sigh from him.

«I don’t want you to miss your study, my dear; tempt to begin again. I’ll see you very often. Dress quickly and get you gone you little devil!»

More news before long my dear brother.


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